Viezu photoDiesel prices have reached new record levels but beleaguered motorists needn’t be hit in the pocket thanks to Blue Optimize, a fuel saving tuning service from Viezu Technologies which can slash fuel bills by up to 15%.

Rising crude oil prices, closing refineries and pressure on supply means the average price is now 143.05 per litre, higher than the previous record during last year’s ‘Arab Spring’.

Indeed, the AA said that the cost of filling up the tank of a car or van with an 80 litre fuel tank had risen from £90 in February 2010 to £114. It also says that in inflationary terms there has been a 20.5% rise in two years for petrol and a 25.6% increase for diesel over the same period.

“Motorists who think it can’t get any worse had better think again. Fuel prices remain unstable. There are also wider concerns about the on-going economic situation at home and abroad and many are predicting a further new high by Easter.

“The economic squeeze is hitting from every angle, so the thought of saving money via reduced running costs for your car is a very attractive proposition. What’s more, a Viezu Blue Optimize tune can also offer improved performance, better responsiveness and greater torque while still cutting fuel bills and CO2 emissions,” said Paul Busby, CEO, Viezu Technologies.

And diesel drivers who initially thought they might have been saving on fuel costs are also feeling particularly hard done by because the gap between diesel and petrol prices is at its widest for three years.

However, the good news is that a Viezu tune can offer up to 15% improvement in fuel consumption.

Indeed, an example of Viezu’s tuning expertise include a Vauxhall Astra 1.9 CDTi (’05 registration with 120,000 miles) which recently had its power increased by 20% to 180bhp and at the same time a 20% improvement in its fuel economy.

“Our unique engine tuning service really is offering a silver lining to motorists. We believe it is the best tuning service available and all our products and services come with a full money back guarantee.

“Therefore, tough times needn’t spell all doom and gloom, as one of our engine tunes not only offers improved MPG but also lower emissions,” added Paul.

Viezu’s Blue Optimize fuel economy tuning has been internationally recognised as world class leading technology and has won the company the UK Chamber of Commerce “Innovation In Technology” award for 2011.

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