DKV Euro Service and FEDEMAC are continuing their international partnership in 2017 as well. Commercial partners since as early as 2012, DKV and FEDEMAC have always been realizing the significance of this cooperation. An important aspect of the partnership is the continuous supply of information made available by DKV Euro Service to FEDEMAC and its members regarding changes in the haulage industry.

FEDEMAC is an umbrella organization for European removal industry associations. It coordinates and communicates issues with the European Union and the media while monitoring new developments, representing the moving industry and promoting the quality of the services provided, all for the purpose of securing and guarding its members’ integrity towards consumers. DKV Euro Service, service provider in the haulage and logistics area, closely monitors developments that occur in the removal industry. In this capacity it is instrumental in providing FEDEMAC and its members with relevant information. A central aspect in this regard is information intended to help removal companies attain efficient cost management and reduce their administrative effort.

Ellen Troska from the FEDEMAC Headquarters: “During our intensive cooperation over the past years DKV has continuously been updating FEDEMAC and its members on the changes occurring in the industry. This cooperation has proved especially valuable where it concerns information given on the changes in the European tolls area. FEDEMAC is proud to be able to actively support its members in performing their operations through its partnership with DKV.”

Gertjan Breij, Managing Director DKV Euro Service, adds: “ This cooperation once again shows that DKV operates transboundary but with a an eye for the specific associations in the industry. DKV’s slogan „You drive, we care.“ is definitely applicable for this international partnership. The mutual flow of information maintains its value due to the expected changes in the toll field. DKV sees supporting FEDEMAC members as its mission and we will keep testing this by means of our core values operational excellence, cost management, compliance, continuity and flexibility.