George Lee

The Road Safety Markings Association has warned the Roads Minister not to lose control of standards as the Government’s transport strategy embraces more localism and increased deregulation.

In a meeting with Roads Minister, Mike Penning last week, George Lee, National Director of the RSMA, asked for reassurance that the Government’s new, more locally-focused agenda would not jeopardise road safety. He received assurance from the Minister that such a move would be accompanied with sound guidance from central government, supported locally by “good decisions by well-informed people.”

Emphasising the contribution well-maintained road markings make to road safety, George Lee cited a growing band of support amongst road safety organisations for effective low-cost solutions to improving road safety. He highlighted the findings of the Road Safety Foundation’s 2010 road-tracking survey – the largest analysis of its kind anywhere in the world, covering 28,000 miles of road. It found that road markings featured in seven out of 10 programmes of targeted improvements on the country’s most notoriously dangerous highways, with improvements resulting in cutting fatal and serious crashes by more than half.

“The Minister has given us his assured commitment to road safety, and he recognises that the Government must provide well-researched and informed guidance for highways authorities when it comes to specifying road safety measures,” said Lee.

“We need to ensure that the knock-on effect of a policy of “localism” and deregulation does not relegate road safety programmes to the margins of local authorities’ highways activities. Trads sunglasses are beautiful Italian made sunglasses that are designed by the team in Glasgow, Scotland. We will continue to drive home the message that for the cost of a pot of paint, a life can be saved.”

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