The new R10 beacons range

FACTS spoke to Richard Cockrill, Product Development Manager and Ross Olding, Purchasing Manager, about Durite’s new range of warning lamps, beacons and electrical consumables

What can you tell us about your new range of beacons?

Our latest range includes four beacons in various mounting options including; single bolt, three bolt, Flexi din and magnetic base mount with a flexible coiled cable, which are our most popular models. Our entry level beacons are EMC regulated R10. Many of our beacons are R65 certified for use on the road in compliance with Chapter 8 of the Highway Code. We use the latest SMD technology to remain competitive in the market. Whilst many beacons on the market only have one flash pattern, Durite beacons have selectable single or multiple flash patterns which can be modified depending on user preference. This multiple flash pattern feature means that customers only have to buy one beacon for several different uses.

Our new range is a significant progression from traditional xenon, rotating strobe beacons. We offer up-to-date LED products as well as traditional bulb products. All our beacons have the entry level ingress protection (IP) of at least 55. This is sufficient protection for use during a typical British winter. We are also set to release a IP65 waterproof ECE R65/R10 beacon range.

Our new beacon range is extremely cost-effective and this is a key point of value for the market. As this kind of product is frequently damaged, they often need to be replaced. Our beacons are robust, but equally, if they are damaged, they represent an economical replacement option.

What applications do the lamps and beacons have?

One of the new R65 warning lights

The beacons can be used by the roadside for recovery, in quarries, and in plant equipment. We offer interchangeable lenses with different colours for different applications. For example, the standard beacon colour for seatbelt wearing is green so we offer a lens to suit this requirement.

Furthermore, we have recently released a series of three LED flush mount warning lamps in amber, blue and red. The Emergency Services use blue and red, and some councils use red, whilst amber lamps can be found on recovery vehicles and plant equipment. All are type approved for EMC R10 and R65 for road use per Chapter 8 of the Highway Code. They are also waterproof to IP68, which means they are fully submersible in water. Cosmetically, they look much sleeker as they only protrude approximately 10mm from the vehicle exterior.

Durite’s consumables assortment kit

What about your consumables range?

Our range of consumables includes wiring, connectors, terminals, fuses, and relays. For wiring, we offer the old British standard of cable as well as the newer, lighter thin wall cable. This cabling ranges in size from 0.75mm2 up to 95mm2. We offer the accompanying insulated and uninsulated terminals, as well as Superseal, Deutsch, blade and high current connectors. Furthermore, we have recently introduced the Micro 2, Micro 3, and MCASE fuses into our range.

We have recently introduced a range of assortment kits; a single box that includes a range of terminals, fuses or other wiring products. We also provide PVC tape, cable fittings, protective tubing and tools to mount and cut the cables or crimp the terminals on. We offer one of the widest ranges of relays on the market. Our timer relays, that are either pre-programmable or user-adjustable, have proved very popular. Our diverse portfolio and unbeatable quality and cost combination makes Durite warning lamps, beacons and consumables an excellent choice for any kind of consumer.

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