Durite’s Safe System makes compliance easy for consumers and fleets

With the release of Transport for London’s new Direct Vision Standard safety legislation, vehicle safety and camera monitoring equipment leader Durite has launched the Durite DVS Safe System.

From 24 October 2020, all HGVs over 12 tonnes will need a safety permit to enter Greater London or risk being fined £550.

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) measures a driver’s vision through the windows of an HGV Cab. A star rating system from zero (limited vision) to five (increased vision) is used to indicate the level of risk to people walking and cycling near the vehicle. If a vehicle has a 0-star rating, it will need to have a Safe System retrofitted before the operator or fleet manager applies for their safety permit. A Safe System is made of a series of safety measures that address the poor direct vision.

The Durite DVS Safe System is a best-in-class kit designed to cover all requirements of the DVS scheme. It includes a near side camera system, sensors, left turn speaker and a warning sign.

All systems are type approved and come with the latest E-Mark (ECE R10.05 EMC). This is a requirement for all new build vehicles and for achieving IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) on existing vehicles. The Durite DVS Safe System comes with a two-year warranty, and installation services are available.

Best-in-class DVS Safe System

The high resolution TFT-LCD monitor is complimented by an ultra-wide view (140°) super sleek side camera with infrared LEDs offering night vision of up to 10 metres. The camera is also protected to IP69K, meaning the vehicle can be pressure-washed or steam-cleaned.

The ultrasonic digital sensor system benefits from two adjustable detection distances (0-0.9 metres or 0-1.8 metres). The ECU and sensors are water- and dust-proof, ideal for the rugged conditions in which the system operates. The Durite sensor system has a super-quick detection time of 0.2 milliseconds allowing the operator to react faster. The system also includes a GPS aerial which means no wiring is required into the vehicle speed pulse, saving on installation time and money.

The sensor system integrates to the monitor to display a visual graphic showing the distance of an obstacle and a live camera view. The operator only has to look at one screen to get all the information they require to act fast.

With a warning sign and left turn speaker, which announces “This vehicle is turning left” when the vehicle indicates left, the kit ensures vulnerable road users are given notice of a vehicle’s intentions.

Durite, the trusted quality brand for professionals

Durite is a leader in vehicle safety and camera monitoring equipment. Its goal is to provide simple yet effective solutions to its customers. Its motto is to be “the trusted quality brand for professionals”.

As a FORS Associate Supplier, Durite’s latest development DVS Safe System follows on from the company’s popular range of ‘All-in-One’ FORS vehicle safety kits – the go-to solution for operators looking to fully comply with the FORS Standard and CLOCS guidelines.

Durite offers various expert solutions, including fleet management and live streaming; incident recording and reporting; driver assistance/blind spot minimisation; industry safety standard & compliance; and pedestrian and cyclist warning.

For more information: 01255 555209, sales@durite.co.uk or www.durite.co.uk