Durite’s safe system can help an operator make their fleet compliant with Direct Vision Standard ahead of October 2020

Durite had a very strong stand presence at this year’s Freight in the City show at Alexandra Palace, London. The company’s main focus was on Direct Vision Standard (DVS), the new safety legislation from Transport for London.

Durite, an expert in Vehicle Safety & Camera Monitoring System, has generated a high level of interest in their “All-in-One” Durite DVS Safe System (4-776-58) as well as other vehicle safety systems. Visitors who spoke with Durite were extremely pleased with the quality of information and solutions that Durite had to offer. They felt Durite truly understood their needs and requirements, offering them a simple yet effective solution, which ultimately helps them save time and money.

DVS effective date is just around the corner

The effective date for DVS is set on 24 October 2020, meaning all HGVs that are 12 tonnes or over will need to have a safety permit in place before entering Greater London. If they do not, fleet operators will be fined £550 and drivers £130 for each day that the vehicle is operating in the controlled area.

How would anyone know that my vehicle/fleet has a permit or not?

A highly sophisticated Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is installed all across Greater London to check and flag up any HGVs that do not hold a safety permit. Once detected, a fine will automatically be issued so there will be no escape.

How do I apply for a safety permit?

The safety permit application went live on TfL’s website at the end of October 2019. To apply, contact your manufacturer to request a DVS star rating. You will need to provide them with the chassis number of the vehicle. They will send you a document or email confirming the star rating of your vehicle.

Upload the confirmation onto TfL’s website and you should hear from them within 28 days if a safety permit has been issued or not.

Unrated or 0-star vehicles

A Safe System is required for HGVs that are unrated or have a 0-star rating. Durite DVS Safe System is a best-in-class kit designed to comply with the Safe System requirements, helping you to get your safety permit and to operate legally in Greater London.

The kit includes:

A CCTV kit (side camera)

Sensor system

Left turn speaker and a warning sign

All systems are type approved and come with a two-year warranty as standard. Installation services are also available. In addition, your vehicle will also need to be fitted with Class V and VI mirrors (also available from Durite) and sideguards in order to qualify for a Safety Permit.

Tips on selecting the right DVS Safe System for your vehicle

It is important to look for a reliable and reputable supplier. FORS Associate Suppliers are a good starting point as they are recognised by Transport for London.

Your kit should be type approved. An extended warranty period is a gauge of quality.

Be active and ask questions to ensure your kit is not under- or over- specified and meets your needs and the Standard with which you wish to comply.

For more information: 01255 555209, sales@durite.co.uk or www.durite.co.uk