Screen-shot-2013-09-27-at-13.49Now with a claim like that you might be expecting some smoke and mirrors and perhaps a measure of snake-oil, to go with some aggressive sales pitch. However this sentiment was actually expressed by a fleet maintenance manager working for one of the largest commercial vehicle fleets in the UK, and he was talking about windscreens.

This is the whole point. Replacing a windscreen on a truck is a pricey business. Independent of the actual cost of the replacement glass itself, there is the cost of the time and disruption experienced waiting to get the unit replaced; the time off the road, even if a replacement screen is immediately available. But repairing a chip on a windscreen is actually quick and easy, given the right tools, materials and a degree of training,  and the point is that a chipped windscreen, left unrepaired is much more likely to fail completely than a windscreen which has been chipped but has been properly repaired. …Read More