Italian logistics company Fercam has received delivery of 80 Krone Profi Liners as it continues to expand its intermodal transport service. Innovative solutions, quality, intermodality and reliability are the distinctive criteria in the selection of semi-trailers for Fercam.

As Fercam carries out around 20% of all transport with intermodal systems, the company pays particular attention to the intermodal qualities of the equipment when investing in semi-trailers; what counts here first and foremost is maximum body strength, flexibility and exemplary load securing.

The new Krone semi-trailers, which were delivered by the Italian Krone partner RealTrailer srl., are used by Fercam on all European routes. Fercam has 93 branches throughout Europe: 63 of them in Italy, 24 in Europe through its own subsidiaries and a further six in Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Serbia and Albania.

Due to its 93 branches throughout the continent and in North Africa, the company can offer virtually any route; most of them even intermodal (rail/road or road/sea transport), thus also scoring points from an environmental point of view.

“With our vehicles we must guarantee our customers the safety of the goods and the reliability of the service,” said Johann Friedrich Harder, Head of Fercam’s Bolzano branch.

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