First Renault Trucks tippers for Roy Braidwood & Sons

Manchester-based, Roy Braidwood & Sons Transport Ltd, has taken delivery of two C440 8x4s with sleeper cabs, the first Renault trucks on the 35-strong 8-wheeler tipper fleet.

The new Renault Trucks C440s, the first alternative to a rival manufacturer’s vehicles to join the fleet, are working in the business’ busy aggregate and muckaway fleet, primarily across the North West.

Director Roy Braidwood explained how he wanted to try an alternative to the existing manufacturer’s vehicles: “We operate a large and extensive workshop where we repair and maintain vehicles for third party operators. This has provided us with a solid understanding of the vehicles from various manufacturers, offering valuable insights into the good, the bad and the ugly! Having first-hand experience with Renault trucks, we like how they are made, and this has instilled us with great confidence in the vehicles and a key reason for introducing them to our fleet.”

Supplied by Peter Wilson from JDS Truck and Van, the new C440s are paired with Aliweld aluminium tipper bodies and are powered by Renault Trucks’ efficient DE13 litre engine, producing 440hp and 2200 Nm of torque. The new vehicles are fitted with Renault Trucks’ revered Optidriver ATO 2612 gearbox automatic clutch with gear shifting strategy optimised for fuel eco. To provide enhanced visibility and safety for the driver and vulnerable road users, the new vehicles are fitted with additional side cameras, reversing camera and SM UK vision door, collision warning / LDW systems and forward recording camera.

Roy added: “I’ve also known Peter Wilson, the salesman at JDS Truck and Van, for many years. Given his strong grasp of our business, I trust his judgement when it comes to vehicle recommendations. So, when Pete proposed that I trial a Renault truck, and given our experiences in the workshop, I thought why not?”

The new vehicles are liveried in Braidwood’s distinctive blue and “Don’t be late in the morning” slogan. “Our company motto, ‘Don’t be late in the morning’, always grabs attention and often leads to new business opportunities from customers that appreciate our traditional family values. It was a phrase passed down from my Dad, who started the business as an owner/driver. We proudly remain a family business today, and seeing the slogan on our new Renault trucks continues to honour our proud legacy,” explained Roy.

A comfort-led specification was key for the drivers, who are typically out for four nights at a time with each vehicle benefitting from superior comfort with heated and ventilated driver’s seat, “’serenity” bunk, multimedia touchscreen, leather steering wheel, additional rear lockers, cab heater and 24L fridge. The vehicles have also been spec’d with additional lighting including reading lamps as well as direct cab, bunk area and red night lighting.

Roy said: “Our drivers have been used to the competitor manufacturer’s vehicles for many years, but driver acceptance and appeal with the Renault trucks has been very high. They particularly appreciate the layout, space and kit in the cabs. It’s early days but so far so good and we are pleased to have introduced Renault trucks into our fleet for the first time.”

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