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geesinknorba hybrid technology

geesinknorba hybrid technologyDuring the last period many innovations were introduced by Geesinknorba. The cooperation with Australian company MacDonald Johnston offers innovative side loading solutions for the European market. The lithium-ion battery has made its entrance in the hybrid technology. This is beneficial for the environment and makes these refuse vehicles also even more economical attractive. The new crane for underground containers eventually offers more capacity and flexibility.

Innovative hybrid technology – LI-ON Power

The award-winning technology behind Geesinknorba’s hybrid refuse vehicles has been improved to increase fuel savings and efficiency while further reducing the environmental impact. In 2003 the hybrid technology was developed to enable batteries to power the vehicles’ loading and packing systems instead of the vehicles’ engine, providing major fuel savings and the batteries could be recharged between shifts. Recent developments means that the vehicles can now use more powerful lithium-ion batteries that can store enough power to cope with the demands of an entire collection round, leading to improved engine efficiency and additional fuel savings. The new lithium-ion battery is also significantly smaller than the lead-acid batteries used on the earlier versions of the Hybrid Plug-In vehicles. The reduction in weight means that a separate mounting frame is no longer needed and the reduction in size allows the body to carry significantly more refuse which, in turn, further reduces fuel and CO² emissions.


Advanced roof crane

Geesinknorba has extended the GPM III KT serie, suitable for underground and bottom discharge of containers, with a roof crane. This advanced waste collection system has been designed to increase payload and the vehicles’ manoeuvrability. The Geesinknorba development team has created extra space when positioning the crane on the roof of the body. The extra space can be used for a larger body allowing it to contain up to 6m³ more refuse or to shorten the rear overhang for increased manoeuvrability. As underground container systems are often used in urban areas a highly manoeuvrable refuse collection vehicle is of paramount importance to the operators. Due to the reduced weight of the roof crane the payload has been increased considerably. The roof crane can offer unmatched versatility and with its longer reach it can work around any obstacles on the job site so operators can work more efficiently. The crane can automatically lift underground containers and position them above the chute of the refuse collection vehicle. The refuse can be discharged faster and more efficient in the refuse body. By dividing the weight of the crane better, the vehicle will remain perfectly balanced and never leans towards one side. The roof crane already got more than its fair share of compliments from the visitors at the RDD show in Lelystad. The vehicle, which is owned by Roteb Lease, is already carrying out waste collection services in the area of Rotterdam.


MacDonald Johnston side loaders at Geesinknorba

The new Geesinknorba side loader has the efficiency of a single person operation, an easy to use lifting arm and the choice from a fixed body to increase payload and the vehicles’ manoeuvrability. “Early this year we have signed an agreement with leading manufacturer MacDonald Johnston from Australia. We can now offer our customers a high quality side loader with low maintenance costs. Moreover, these products already enjoy an excellent reputation for reliability and productivity in Europe and beyond,” says Maurice Link, Sales & Marketing Director at Geesinknorba.
The side loaders are available in body volumes of 14, 18 and 22 m3 and are manufactured from a single sheet Hardox steel that guarantees the best quality and durability. Due to its low weight you can load more refuse without exceeding the legal regulations. With the comfort of a single person operation the lifting arm can pick up containers from 60 to 240l fast and efficiently. The versatile lifting arm reaches out to 3186mm from the vehicle and can also pick up containers that are not perfectly aligned. The lifting arm features smooth movements and automatically shakes the refuse into the hopper ensuring the container is empty when putting it back on its position. Because the lifting arm is fully automated, it increases safety because the driver can pay more attention to the surrounding traffic. The Geesinknorba side loader provides the efficiency of a single person operation in combination with the highest payload on a short wheelbase. Plus, every product from Geesinknorba comes equipped with our unmatched level of service and support, inclusive mobile service vans and quick supply of spare parts.


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