Eberspächer photoWith the onset of winter Eberspächer UK is ready for the increased demands placed on car van, truck and bus/coach heating systems.

Today, faced with a cold, iced up vehicle, far too many drivers take the easy option. Direct Line Insurance claims that UK motorists fritter away £50m a year as they dash out, start the engine and leave it running while they go back to finish their breakfast, before driving off in their now warmer vehicle.

For the driver this may be the easy option, but Eberspächer UK would like to point out the major drawbacks of this approach:

  • it is environmentally unfriendly/expensive, as an engine left ticking over from cold is emitting high levels of CO2 and using a surprising amount of fuel
  • it is illegal to leave a vehicle unattended with the engine running on the public highway
  • the insurance is void if the vehicle is stolen as a result of the keys being left in it and unattended, as the insurance company will say that reasonable precautions to secure the vehicle were not taken

Instead, with an average installed price of less than £1000,Eberspächer UK offers a solution to the problem, with a wide range of independent pre heater kits to suit most cars, vans, trucks and buses/coaches. These systems are available through the Eberspächer UK dealer network.

Vince Lee, Eberspächer UK’s Managing Director, comments: “Fleet operators will get a warm glow of satisfaction from fitting Eberspächer pre heating systems. At the same time as they are cutting costs and emissions, by eliminating uneconomical tick-over, they are improving the driver’s safety as the vehicles’ windows are free of ice. And they are doing all this while making sure their drivers are more comfortable on cold winter mornings and evenings.”