The European premium tyre manufacturer Apollo Vredestein’s UK operation has launched a new consumer-focused campaign to promote the use of all-season tyres.

Until 31 December, you can trade in your old tyres for £60 scrappage when you upgrade to Vredestein’s award-winning range of Quatrac all-season tyres.
This latest campaign continues to reflect Vredestein’s efforts to promote safety and encourage road users to upgrade their existing tyres to a safer option in the upcoming, harsh winter weather.
Vredestein is a seasoned player in this area of tyre development and has set a high-standard for more than twenty-five years.

The all-season tyre has attracted many fans including American consumer-led tyre distributor Tire Rack. Testers at Tire Rack were so impressed with the quality they described it stating ‘no improvements were needed’.
“Vredestein is well placed to encourage consumers to ‘upgrade’ their current tyres to a set of Quatracs,” said Karl Naylor, Apollo Vredestein UK Country Manager. “At this time of the year, many drivers will start to notice a reduction in performance of their tyres due to the wetter and colder conditions, so in terms of safety this is the time to consider upgrading to a tyre capable of performing now, during the winter and even when the weather improves again into spring and summer.”

According to this new campaign, customers who purchase a set of four Quatrac (5 or Pro) tyres can claim their scrappage value, which depends on size (from £5 per tyre for 16” tyres to £15 for 19” and above) by visiting 

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