Global Live info graphicGlobal Live, the award winning live 3G mobile CCTV solution powered by Cobra UK Ltd, has launched Global Live Cycle Scanner, a variant aimed at protecting cyclists. Specifically developed for HGVs, the new product has been brought to market by Cobra in response to a growing need for on board cyclist protection systems, particularly in vehicles that work predominantly in urban areas.

The Global Live Cycle Scanner features a scanner and six sensors along the nearside of a vehicle to detect a cyclist, and a live video camera to see exactly what is happening.  If a cyclist enters the nearside of the vehicle, the Global Live Cycle Scanner warns both the driver in the cab and the operator back at base with automatic alerts. The Cycle Scanner also provides live images and a recording of every journey, providing instantly available evidence in the event of an incident along with GPS location to show the vehicle journey and location.

With HGVs involved in 20% of all cyclist deaths in London, Transport Minister Stephen Hammond has recently launched an inquiry to examine HGV danger to cyclists. Cobra has made a positive contribution to the debate in helping vehicle operators control the risks with the new Global Live Cycle Scanner.

The European Commission has also recently proposed new rules to allow manufacturers to design radically safer heavy goods vehicles for vulnerable road users through improved drivers’ field of vision. Current rules date back to 1996 and while the proposed changes won’t be around on European roads until at least 2018, with the launch of the Global Live Cycle Scanner, Cobra is bringing the safer truck of the future to today’s roads.

Andrew Smith, Managing Director of Cobra UK comments: “The new Global Live Cycle Scanner is a must have product for all HGV fleet operators to help their drivers who operate in busy city centres. It brings the safer HGV of 10 years time to today’s roads. The technology ensures cyclists are kept safe and drivers are given an added protection system in order to safely carry out their job.”

“The sight of Ghost Bikes on city streets shows the tragedy and waste caused when vehicles and cyclists collide and our low-cost solution can help to control the risks of such accidents.”

The Global Live Cycle Scanner technology is available from £799 per vehicle including scanner, sensors, live mobile CCTV system, camera, and web portal, excluding installation.