Graylaw Freight Group photoOffshore distribution specialist Graylaw Freight Group has made 10  percent efficiency gains since implementing Isotrak telematics. Graylaw uses the  system to manage its fleet of HGVs, which delivers FMCG, medical, hazardous and  temperature-controlled goods to the Isle of Man, Ireland, Channel Islands and a  full UK and Scottish palletised service for more than 2000 customers. Graylaw  has also improved driving style behaviour since installing Isotrak’s CANBus  engine management module that provides accurate and detailed reporting on  vehicle usage.

“Installing Isotrak is one of the best things we’ve  done. We are 10 percent more efficient than before its introduction to our  business. The improvements benefit us and they benefit our customers too,” says  Nick Green, General Manager, Graylaw Freight Group.“The system has  helped us to use the fleet more efficiently. We know where the vehicles are at  all times, which is critical as we operate within a time sensitive industry. The  benefit of Isotrak is that we can see where the whole of the fleet is at any one  time. This allows us to provide a very reactive service for our  customers.”Nick Green reports that the system also provides  important advantages in being able to measure driving efficiency, fuel use and  route efficiency.“We can use the system to see exactly what each  vehicle has done and monitor whether drivers keep to the most efficient and  economical routes. This has provided significant improvements in fuel usage.  Using the system, we can monitor MPG, harsh breaking and over speeds. The  information has been a revelation for us. It has alerted us to issues with  individual vehicles, for example, when MPGs decrease, we can call them in prior  to allocated servicing dates,” he says.

Since installing the system, Graylaw has been able to provide consolidated services instead of  separate collections, which is of great benefit to customers as is the security  the vehicle tracking provides. Additionally, the system has enabled the company  to avoid increasing rates to offset the rising cost of fuel. The system also  assists those customers who need key performance indicator data because it is  able to provide the information automatically when required.

“As  fuel has increased, we’ve been able to minimise the impact on our customers. The  system also provides peace of mind for customers as they know that their goods  are secure and tracked while in transit. An increasing number of customers need  to know particular information; how long we spend on site collecting or  delivering, for example. This performance data then helps them to improve their  own efficiencies,” says Nick Green.