Autoglass logoOne in two fleet managers believe their drivers are ignoring bad weather warnings when they need to reach a destination, according to new research released by glass replacement and repair specialists Autoglass® today.

The study also revealed 49% of fleet managers postponed or considered postponing fleet maintenance this year, because of last year’s mild winter weather.

Only three in 10 fleets increase their vehicle checks during periods of bad weather. Furthermore, despite the importance of minimising time off the road and ensuring driver safety, the majority (72%) have not considered a fleet check from a vehicle glass provider ahead of the winter months.

Accidents occurring in poor weather conditions, or due to darker nights, cost fleets 21 hours off the road on average. Only one in ten fleets stated they’d experienced less than five hours off the road due to winter conditions.

Encouragingly, more than half (57.8%) of fleet managers intend to get existing chips repaired before the cold weather arrives, yet of this number 78% admit to have been putting it off.

The study comes as Autoglass® releases a helpful video for fleet managers, outlining simple tips for preparing vehicles taking to the roads this winter.

Jeremy Rochfort, National Sales Manager at Autoglass®, said: “Our research highlights the pressures experienced by vehicle fleets, and the need for both greater support for and awareness of regular vehicle maintenance and safety checks.

“It is the responsibility of both the driver and fleet manager to ensure all vehicles are well equipped for winter driving. Giving a vehicle a quick once-over or booking in a check need only take ten minutes and could greatly reduce time spent off the roads. Importantly, these measures help can help fleets improve safety,during a time when driving conditions can quickly become dangerous,” Rochfort added.

The study revealed managers’ top demands for winter fleet operations:

  • 31% would like to see better in-vehicle safety systems
  • 30% would like more education to be provided by their companies
  • 24% would like to see increased awareness of how to keep vehicles in good and safe condition
  • 10% would like every vehicle to have a bad weather kit