is leading the haulage industry into a cleaner world, says Richard Newbold, MD Return Loads LLP

Following recent Extinction Rebellion protests in London, the issue of Climate Change has been highlighted, and the world is turning its attention to finding new innovative ways of combating Global Warming. These scientific “geoengineering” ideas range from spraying sea water into the atmosphere during the polar summer to “re-greening” parts of the planet with vegetation, under the sea and on land in an attempt to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. However, science is not the only solution to Climate Change and businesses themselves can play a hefty part in changing the ways in which they operate to help save the plane A recent Freight Transport Association report revealed that over 30% of HGVs on UK roads are running empty, with nothing more than fresh air inside their trailers. This picture is worsened when we consider that 22% of all UK surface transport emissions are produced solely by HGVs.

In the past, before the internet became part of everyone’s life, a haulage operator would send his fleet of trucks far and wide and then return back to base empty if he could not find a return load. The result is nearly a third of HGVs are driving empty. So what innovative solutions have businesses developed to combat this problem, and the vast amount of CO2 put into the atmosphere for no reason? came to market in the year 2000 to help solve this problem and is now one of the leading online freight exchanges in the UK. has come a long way over the past 19 years and can now seamlessly integrate into transport management and telematics systems, making the whole process of filling empty vehicles and subcontracting delivery work quicker and easier so that no haulage company need run empty any longer.

Richard Newbold, Managing Director and keen environmentalist, said: ‘’Returnloads now saves the haulage industry approximately half a million empty HGV journeys per year, simply by making it easy for hauliers to network through the platform, and considering the average truck produces 22.38 pounds of CO2 by burning a single gallon of diesel fuel, the saving to the environment could be over 2 trillion pounds of CO2 per annum.’’

Returnloads has not stopped inventing solutions to save the planet and in 2018 launched ‘The Warehouse Exchange’ which has gone on to become a leader in the industry and allows warehousing companies to network through the platform to share available space so that all warehouses can be kept at capacity.

Richard Newbold’s latest innovation which is due to launch later in 2019 is ‘OKDeliver’ which is an Uber-style App that will allow both private individuals as well as companies to book vans and trucks quickly and efficiently by using the app to find the most local available vehicle to wherever they are located. In the same way that Uber will find you a taxi near to where you are located and give you an immediate price, OKDeliver will do the same for commercial vehicles which you can then track all the way to its destination and receive a signed delivery note and a photo as soon as the goods arrive.

And we are not stopping there, says Newbold: “We are soon launching Euroloads so that hauliers all over Europe have access to the Returnloads. net platform and eventually we will also operate in other parts of the globe.” So, there you have it, industry has a part to play in Climate Change and British entrepreneurs are leading the way in coming up with new ideas to save our precious planet.

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