SNAP Account
SNAP Account can help hauliers to streamline their finances by creating a single itemised bill.

Across all businesses, regardless of industry or geographical location, operating as efficiently and effectively as possible is a bonus. Needlessly complicated business processes waste valuable time and money and when simpler methods exist, there is no excuse to keep on the path of inefficiency. When it comes to haulier finances, especially those with substantial fleets, any improvement in efficiency, no matter how small, will result in dramatic savings across the business. This is where SNAP Account shines.

SNAP Account are the complete solution for fleet operators, as well as owner drivers, who are looking for total and transparent control over their expenditure. SNAP offers comprehensive and bespoke packages to customers that enables them to cover a variety of non-fuel expenses without the need for cash. By using number plate recognition, each vehicle that is signed up will have its expenses added to an itemised invoice that is sent at the end of the week.

Starting initially as a cashless system for parking, SNAP Account has branched out dramatically and now offer the following to their customers: parking, washing, recovery & repair, Dartford Crossing and soon, through their new partner app intruck, daily vehicle checks.

Their main goal is to help fleet operators and drivers conduct their business in the most efficient and convenient way possible; streamlining their most common expenses and consolidating them into one simple, itemised invoice as a great way to get on top of their finances. The SNAP network has grown to over 100 parking and more than 40 washing sites in the UK, meaning a great deal of choice for drivers. Earlier this summer, they began working with their first European site in Calais and will soon be bringing more foreign sites into the SNAP network.

Setting up your account is an incredibly easy process. The process is free, with no monthly fees and never any hidden costs; every single cost incurred by a vehicle is detailed individually in the itemised invoice. This allows operators to keep track of expenses. Their easy-to-use online account management system gives a great deal of control over expenses. Key features include:

  • Add and remove vehicles from your account at any time, with immediate effect. If you buy or sell vehicles and need to update your account to ensure the correct vehicles are covered, it takes just a few clicks.
  • Create groups to view and manage vehicles by contract, depot, or any category you choose.
  • Control costs with limits: you can decide which services are available to which vehicles, and how frequently the vehicle can be washed.
  • Download live or historic transaction data to streamline your bookkeeping.

Rather than having mountains of receipts and then having to work out reimbursing drivers, firms with SNAP Account have a far easier time in dealing with expenses. Everything is kept track of in a simple way, giving finance departments a much more streamlined operation.

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