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Pressure remains on truck manufacturers to produce ever-more efficient trucks; trucks, like man’s best-selling TGS 24.440 6x2 ‘midlift’ tractor unit – trucks that are economic, ultra-reliable, and spend a minimum amount of time in the workshop.

HazMANPressure remains on truck manufacturers to produce ever-more efficient trucks; trucks, like MAN’s best-selling TGS 24.440 6×2 ‘midlift’ tractor unit – trucks that are economic, ultra-reliable, and spend a minimum amount of time in the workshop. that’s why MAN boasts the HazMAN network; the most comprehensive service support network in the industry, with no fewer than 21 dedicated Pet. Reg. workshops, many of which strategically located at the uk’s major oil refineries, terminals and depots.

The HazMAN aftersales commitment is a serious proposition for the Pet. Reg. operator. the MAN uptime Principle (UTP) forms the backbone of the network-wide pledge to keep MAN trucks up and running. Alongside MAN’s tanker & trailer parts, MAN’s mobile24 recovery operation, MAN trailer comfort packages and the provision of safe Loading Passes, and MAN really does provide the One Stop Shop service.

KeePing it ‘UP’
UTP is now firmly embedded into MAN’s service offering in the UK. Today’s technology allows operators to measure reliability and, therefore, presents them with opportunities to improve it. And measurement is at the heart of UTP. Figures for PMI slippage, MoT first-time-pass rates and other KPIs are gathered from across the MAN dealer network and meticulously logged. The results provide a benchmark to which the network can aim to beat in order to earn financial bonuses – a clever system that incentivises MAN dealers and ensures the whole network is striving to keep customers on the road. Should a MAN truck be off road for more than 12 hours, the local MAN dealer issues an incident report to the UTP team. The incident is then monitored, both from a customer and dealer stand-point. If UTP’s high standards are not met, the incident is ‘escalated’ and a problem-solver nominated. then, for example, if a part does not exist on site locally, UTP will scour the network, find one and get it to the repairing dealer.

Only half the story
HazMAN support extends beyond its truck range. MAN knows that a truck is, literally, half the story for hazardous goods operators. The tanker/trailer, with its potentially explosive load, also requires scheduled servicing, expert repair and specialist parts.

To take the headache out of tanker and trailer maintenance, every HazMAN location offers MAN trailer comfort managed contracts; a flexible ‘open-book’ agreement between operator and MAN whereby a tailored monthly fee pays for any parts and servicing requirements over a 12 month period.

A full range of specialist MAN tanker & trailer components is available throughout MAN’s Dealer Network. There are over 45,000 MAN parts available in stock in the UK backed-up by 120 MAN trained parts specialists, offering experience, advice and knowledge. A free delivery service via 66 MAN Network members is supported by 300 delivery vans, all offering prompt delivery times, and all backed by the MAN’s worldwide genuine parts guarantee.

All HazMAN sites are authorised to issue Safe Loading Passes, and certified to perform critical Periodic Tank Testing. Highly skilled staff are required to carry out these procedures, and the HazMAN network boasts fully trained technicians, proficient in truck, tanker and trailer specifics. Maintaining an efficient Hazardous Goods distribution operation is an immense exercise in logistics management. Key to its success, of course, is its truck fleet. And the key to a successful truck fleet, whether it’s a single vehicle or a fleet of 200, is its aftersales and service support offering. Not only does MAN know how to build top-quality trucks, it also knows how to keep them running profitably.


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