In Fueltek’s line of work, safety is of the utmost importance. In fact, earlier this year, Fueltek were awarded accreditation from Alcumus SafeContractor for achieving excellence in health and safety in the work place. So, what is SafeContractor and what does this accreditation mean for Fueltek?

The history of SafeContractor
SafeContractor was originally a bespoke project for a property management firm. However, interest soon began to grow and the developer identified the potential for a new standardised system.
By 2003, the service had been developed and rebranded as SafeContractor. Today, the company provide services which help clients to manage contractor health and safety obligations, and holds contractors to rigorously high standards.

In order to achieve accreditation, a company must submit details and supporting evidence of practices to a SafeContractor auditor. The auditor can then award the company with the accreditation or work with them in order to ensure they meet the standards.
Standards are high and cover core elements such as health and safety policies, risk assessment and first aid. Due to the nature of Fueltek’s work as providers of fuel management systems, there are also additional specific requirements associated with their industry.

SafeContractor’s specialist knowledge comes from 10 years of experience delivering accreditation services. The Audit Services Team, which carries out the audit of new companies wishing to be accredited by SafeContractor, is made up of health and safety professionals who hold a variety of technical qualifications and industry memberships.

SafeContractor has an impressive client list from industries including construction, manufacturing, retail and transport. These clients range from SMEs to FTSE 100 companies with household names such as Unilever, Debenhams, Virgin Trains and Vodafone.
Now, Fueltek can be added to the list as they join the number of clients who hold accreditation from SafeContractor.

SafeContractor and Fueltek
Fueltek’s recent accreditation demonstrates the extremely high standards to which they hold themselves to, not just in the way they approach health and safety in the workplace, but to all areas of their business.

Fueltek work in an ISO 9001 environment and manufacture to ATEX standard EN13617-1 Certificate number CML 16ATEX9082X. This means that they have demonstrated their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Fueltek’s high standards help to set them apart and they are now able to add the SafeContractor accreditation to their portfolio. Taking these standards seriously means that Fueltek are able to deliver a superior service as their clients know they only operate under strict health and safety regulations.

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