Many families rely on Kindred to care for their children. Photo credit: © Malcolm Cochrane Photography /Inspiring Scotland – for Kindred Advocacy (tel: 7971 835 065)

Kindred, a charity very close to the hearts of all at FACTS Magazine, that helps transform the lives of disabled children in Edinburgh, is facing closure after the council changed its provision on funding.

Bell Johnstone, publishers of FACTS Magazine, needs your help to stop this by signing the petition below.

For the last 26 years Kindred has provided information, services and the emotional support that parents need to care for their children to their best ability for in excess of 1000 families each year.

The charity had been receiving £46,000 per year from Edinburgh City Council to provide its vital helpline service, with the remaining funds, totaling around £206,000, coming from various grants.

Council funding is set to expire at the end of March.

However, Edinburgh Council has now included funding for the helpline within a larger £1.2 million contract up for tender, which means in order to apply, the charity would have to supply additional services it says it can’t provide.

Sophie Pilgrim, Kindred Director, said: “Without the contract we will no longer be able to operate. We provide an incredible service and it is heartbreaking to think we may close. The money to fund the helpline makes up 40% of our cost to run, which is massive.

“Parents come to us with a wide range of issues including care and education. Our service is run by parents who understand what callers are going through, which helps us when it comes to giving out advice.”

“If the city council could help us it would give us the opportunity to try and save Kindred” – Sophie Pilgrim

Kindred has been unable to locate other funds, meaning an exit strategy has had to be created in case the worst possible scenario occurs.

Sophie said: “This is scandalous. The councsail wants one provider for all the services within this new tender.

“This is the first time the services all come under one contract and we were unable to apply for it as we couldn’t take on the other services and responsibility as we don’t have the experience in those fields.”

Sophie is now calling for the parent information service helpline to be taken out of the £1.2m tender so Kindred can bid to continue its services, which also include teams at; Edinburgh’s Sick Children’s Hospital; in Glasgow helping families dealing with complex and life-limiting conditions; and a community team in Fife.

Sophie concluded: “No-one would be able to provide the service we provide. We prevent a lot of families from breaking down. Kindred is irreplaceable.”

“If the city council could help us it would give us the opportunity to try and save Kindred.’

“We have scraped the bottom of the barrel and we can’t find anymore funding.”

Families are protesting outside the City Chambers at 2pm on Friday 8 December and will hand in the petition.

To sign the petition please visit: