In an increasingly competitive climate, keeping your fleet on the road and earning for your business is priority number one. Commercial vehicles are exposed to the most extreme driving conditions and operate in a business environment that demands the lowest operating costs possible.

TOTAL Lubricants, the only integrated oil company which manufactures lubricants in the UK, offers a complete range of engine oils, transmission oils, greases, hydraulic systems, coolants, antifreeze and AdBlue for commercial transport. In this article, we look at how this can support and benefit your fleet.


With an innovative research and development policy, TOTAL’s cutting-edge products are adapted to the latest technical evolutions, bringing to market some of the most technologically advanced products in the world.

RUBIA range of oils

TOTAL RUBIA is a comprehensive range of lubricants that meet all major truck manufacturer specifications. All are manufacturer-approved, meet the needs of multi-vehicle fleets and are designed to comply fully with the ACEA and API specifications and environmental demands of the latest generation of diesel engines, conforming to EURO I, II, IV, V and VI, including EGR, SCR and DPF engines.

Fleet operators wishing to improve the performance and lifespan of their vehicles, while reducing fuel consumption, should choose TOTAL RUBIA TIR FE (Fuel Economy) engine oils. With the development of Euro VI engines, new challenges to reduce emissions of CO2, NOX and other pollutants have arisen, and therefore lubricants must keep up with this requirement. TOTAL’s RUBIA 9900 FE 5W-30 engine oil has been developed for the latest generation of Euro VI engines, and is also ideal for lubricating all types of diesel engines, including Euro V and previous, which are fitted with or without post-treatment systems such as EGR, SCR or DPFs. RUBIA TIR 9900 FE 5W-30 provides highly extended oil drain intervals due to outstanding anti-oxidant and corrosion properties, resulting in improved added value through cost savings in maintenance, plus outstanding engine protection and piston cleanliness.

To help commercial fleet workshops select the right TOTAL RUBIA products for their customers, TOTAL provides all the detailed application information in an online tool, Lub Advisor. This simple tool allows you to search by make and model of vehicle and helps you make the right choice with confidence every time.

Lubricants for gas vehicles

TOTAL also produce the TOTAL RUBIA GAS range for natural gas vehicles and recently launched the RUBIA GAS 7M 15W-40, with the latest CUMMINS CES 20085 specification. This new lubricant may lead to increased oil drain intervals for certain gas engine models due to its higher ash content, and joins a full range of products for mobile gas engines by TOTAL. Natural gas is set to be the fastest growing fossil fuel to 2035 at 1.8% per year (which is almost twice the expected growth rate of oil at just below 1%). Traditional diesel engine oil is not recommended for gas engines as ash levels may be too high and often OEM specifications are not met. Therefore, TOTAL’s dedicated RUBIA GAS range is the ideal solution for users of natural gas. Powertrain technologies using this type of fuel are quieter – with 50% less noise than diesel engines – and emit fewer particulates and nitrogen oxides. They are also compliant with the latest Euro VI emission standards for trucks.

TOTAL intends to fast-track the development of its natural gas vehicle network to match the needs of its customers; and the company’s strategy is to expand its low carbon businesses, notably through the development of natural gas, in which the group is a global leader.

Unlocking gas demand with new usages for transport is central to TOTAL’s integrated strategy of expanding along the natural gas value train. This launch follows recent news of TOTAL’s plans to acquire the Dutch company, PitPoint B.V., Europe’s third-largest provider of natural gas vehicle fuel. Natural gas fuel is recognised as one of the cleanest fossil fuels and demand is growing at more than twice the expected growth rate of oil through 2035.

TOTAL’s e­fficiency enhancing EXCELLIUM – save on fuel and reduce CO2

TOTAL Lubricants has also launched a new diesel fuel additive, ideal for commercial vehicles, which tests have shown reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%. TOTAL EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel brings a suite of crucial performance improvements, designed specifically to benefit road haulier businesses.

When added to regular diesel fuel within the vehicle, TOTAL EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel cleans the engine by preventing injector fouling and therefore extends engine lifespan by reducing friction, which also results in reduced maintenance costs. These combined actions provide significant benefits, especially to those who drive a high number of miles.

In fact, in-field tests which validated performances through more than 12,000,000km, injector fouling was prevented up to 93% of the time when using TOTAL EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel. Furthermore, the additive was able to clean up to 45% of existing fouling in vehicles. When compared to non-specifically additized fuel, further tests show that a Euro V heavy-duty vehicle using EXCELLIUM for 17,000km led to a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 5%, the net result being an important cost saving. It goes to work, right from the very first use, cleaning the engine and increasing efficiency.

Users can also benefit from their own environmental footprint by a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 4.2%, across 10,500 miles, seeing environmental impacts diminish. Carbon monoxide is also reduced by 32%, unburnt hydrocarbons by 55%, nitrogen oxides by 21%, and particulates by 16%.

Engines are kept clean over time with EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel. Water contamination of diesel is a significant issue, and so EXCELLIUM enables rapid separation of the fuel from water in order to eliminate it entirely; protecting diesel filters from premature clogging.

Revealed at the recent Commercial Vehicle Show, EXCELLIUM has been independently tested and awarded, including certification by UTAC-CERAM, validating its fuel economy and environmental credentials.

Long-term engine performance is crucial for any transport operation. The new EXCELLIUM Concentrate Diesel provides just that. It is available from TOTAL, in bulk, IBC, 185L and 5L. This latest product – part of the TOTAL ECOSOLUTIONS line – is the perfect partner for use with TOTAL RUBIA, heavy duty engine oil. It also further expands TOTAL’s sustainability and durability-enhancing lubricant range.

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TOTAL Lubricants push the boundaries of innovation. TOTAL has close partnerships with major truck manufacturers across the world, and develops high specification lubricants that answer the severe demands of today’s heavy duty commercial vehicle sector.

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