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INRIX, Inc., the leading global provider of traffic information and driver services, today introduced INRIX XD™ Traffic -- a major breakthrough in traffic intelligence that covers more roads with greater precision than any other service.

inrix announcementINRIX launches breakthrough XD™ traffic service revolutionizing connected car and smart city initiatives worldwide
Big Data Leader Expands Collaboration with BMW, Volkswagen and Leading Transportation Agencies

INRIX, Inc., the leading global provider of traffic information and driver services, today introduced INRIX XD™ Traffic —  a major breakthrough in traffic intelligence that covers more roads with greater precision than any other service.

The service provides the industry with twice the amount of road coverage than what’s previously been available to automakers, transportation agencies, fleets and media worldwide. Covering four million miles (6.4 million kilometers) of road with pinpoint precision in 37 countries, INRIX XD Traffic goes beyond the limits of today’s technologies to offer a service vital to improving mobility for the world’s one billion drivers.

“Future mobility depends on all drivers, transportation agencies, and news organizations having access to detailed, up to the minute insight into what’s happening on every road, everywhere,” said Bryan Mistele, INRIX president and CEO.  “Just as INRIX revolutionized mapping and navigation with crowd-sourced traffic information and traffic influenced routing, we’re doing it again with INRIX XD Traffic.”

Similar to industry breakthroughs like 3D and street view mapping, INRIX XD Traffic delivers unparalleled insight into what’s happening on the road independent of the country or map provider.  Key features include:

  • Highest Resolution Available:  Detailed traffic speeds for every mile down to 800 feet (250 meter) increments results in improved route guidance to drivers and better insight to transportation agencies for improving the performance of our road networks.
  • Map Independence:   INRIX XD Traffic removes the cost and complexity of associating traffic with locations on a map.  INRIX provides customers with the flexibility to deliver the best traffic information on the map of choice for their product or service.·
  • Highest Quality Incidents and Road Closures: Through sophisticated analysis of anomalies in traffic flows, INRIX XD Traffic auto detects road closures and other incidents faster than today’s crowd-sourced methods.
  • Travel Times and Traffic Speeds for Four Million Miles of Road Real-time traffic information for every major road type and class from highways, ramps and interchanges to arterials, city streets and other secondary roads — including one million miles of road never covered before.

“In a world measured in miles, INRIX is measuring in minutes,” said Roger Lanctot  , senior analyst, Strategy Analytics  “Traffic is the single most important telematics application and INRIX XD Traffic is the first service with the potential to help the industry deliver on the promise of real-time navigation.  Without reliable and accurate traffic data, it is impossible to determine the best routes, accurate arrival times, or even vehicle range based on fuel resources.”

Drivers can download the INRIX Traffic app for iPhone and Android  to immediately experience the benefits of INRIX XD Traffic.
Powering Future Mobility
In other news today, INRIX is collaborating with several new and existing customers on apps and services using the company’s existing traffic information services including:

  • BMW : INRIX has announced an agreement with BMW to expand its traffic intelligence platform beyond France, Germany, Italy, the U.K. and the U.S. to all new models equipped with BMW’s Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information (ARTTI) service in 12 additional European countries.  The two companies are also collaborating on several new driver services to be announced early next year.
  • Volkswagen : In the 2013 GTI and GTD models, Volkswagen is powering its Car-Net navigation service with INRIX real-time traffic information.   This is the first collaboration between the two companies to bring the benefits of the latest breakthroughs in connected driver services and traffic information to millions of Volkswagen owners worldwide ·       
  • Ohio Department of Transportation:  In a competitive review , the Ohio Department of Transportation selected INRIX to provide real-time traffic information for its daily operations and traveller services statewide.
  • San Francisco Bay Area 511 Services :  The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is using INRIX real-time traffic information in its 511 services.  Drivers consistently turn to the MTC’s 511 Traffic page for the latest-breaking traffic news and emergency information to help them avoid delays in one of America’s worst traffic cities .

With these announcements, INRIX will introduce its traffic services in 37 countries by the end of the year including important emerging automotive markets Russia, China and Brazil.


INRIX is one of the fastest growing big data technology companies in the world. The company leverages crowd-sourced data and sophisticated analytics to reduce the individual, economic and environmental toll of traffic congestion. Through cutting-edge data intelligence and predictive traffic technologies, INRIX helps leading automakers, fleets, governments and news organizations make it easier for drivers to navigate their world. Our vision is simple—to solve traffic, empower drivers, inform planning and enhance commerce.

Whether through an in-car or smartphone navigation application, a local newscast or our INRIX Traffic app, our up-to-the-minute traffic information and other driver services help more than 150 million drivers save time, fuel and frustration.  INRIX delivers traffic and driving-related insight, as well as sophisticated analytical tools and services across six industries covering four million miles of road in 37 countries.

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