Interlink Enterprise from AGM Telematics has been used by Priestley SDT to receive TAPA TSR 1 certification, the highest security standard for secure goods transportation.

tapa-insidePriestley SDT are the first company in the UK to achieve the highest certification level and 1 of only 7 in the EU.

AGM Telematics has worked with Priestly STD for several years building the ultimate tracking and security system that can work to the highest levels of performance and reliability under the harshest of conditions.

Interlink Enterprise features:

  • Live tracking world wide
  • Securi-guard Monitoring Services 24/7 monitoring
  • Advanced route adherence planning, monitoring and alerting system to ensure vehicles do not stray from the planned route.
  • Full CanBUS reporting for fuel usage and driving style.
  • Tachograph integration and reporting
  • Trailer tethering display status and alerts.
  • Advanced fully featured trailer tracking
  • Multi-mode Driver ID
  • Integration to Maple IQ vehicle/trailer electronic seal and locking system
  • Remote door and vehicle lockdown
  • Remote immobilisation via on board anti-hijack system
  • Live alerting of panic, hijack and jamming alerts.
  • Many more advanced features.

Priestley SDT are the very proud recipients of the TAPA  (Transport Asset Protection Association) TSR 1 certificate which has been awarded to us for complying with the very highest levels of secure transport for high value goods.

The process we have been through with TAPA has been highly involving, they have checked every aspect of our service to our customers with our high security fleet and control systems and we passed first time. This is a great credit to our Priestly people as well as our investment in high security equipment.

With this award we are the only UK based member of a small elite group of just 7 European transport companies who have achieved the elite TAPA TSR 1 standard.

There are many benefits to our customers of this new standard.

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