jostThe only reason JOST is not a household name, is, of course that it doesn’t make household products. What it does do is make key components for the commercial vehicle market place and it does that very well, with world leading products in all its key product areas. “We want to be the best at what we do, and so we are very focused in what we regard as our core product areas. In each of those segments our aim is “To be the leading global interface provider between truck and trailer” Explains JOST GB Sales and Marketing Director, Michael Johnson.

JOST is all about making sure that heavy commercial trailers work properly, and do exactly what they are supposed to do,Michael Johnson continues: “If you look at JOST’s product and brand range, you will see that everything we do is focused. on safety and reliability All of our products, across our four separate brands, are key components in making trucks and trailers do the job they are designed to do.” … Read More