Keltruck Acquires Silurian Scania
Chris Kelly, Founder & Chairman, and Andrew Jamieson, Managing Director & Dealer Principal

Keltruck Limited, based at West Bromwich, has announced the acquisition of Silurian Scania, the official Scania dealer for south Wales.

Silurian Scania, which has four depots in South Wales with its head office in Cardiff, has been acquired by Keltruck Limited as of January 1, 2011. The acquisition takes Keltruck to 21 depots, from Worksop in the north, to Cheltenham in the south.

Keltruck’s head office is a well-known landmark alongside the M5 motorway on junction 1 at West Bromwich, and is already regarded by Scania as the world’s largest privately owned Scania dealership.

Chris Kelly, Keltruck’s Founder & Chairman, said: “We have been sitting on a considerable cash balance for some time whilst looking for an acquisition in our sector. Silurian came along due to retirement of its shareholder and Managing Director, and is a perfect fit for us.” He continued: “We intend to bring the services available to truck, bus and coach operators in south Wales in line with those offered by the rest of the Keltruck business.” Mr Kelly also said that Keltruck’s MD and Dealer Principal, Andrew Jamieson, became Silurian’s MD and Dealer Principal on January 1, 2011.

Mr Jamieson commented: “We are delighted with this acquisition. With our existing scale and range of services we are confident that we can also deliver a number of positives to Silurian Scania and their customers.”

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