Screen-shot-2013-09-27-at-13.44Every council waste collection operation in Scotland is spending a great deal of their time and resource looking at ways to maximise revenue and minimise spend in terms of their ability to take the waste they collect and convert it into a valuable resource which they sell on, bringing in a steady revenue stream which offsets some of the cost of their refuse management operations.  

Recently councils have been looking at  making  major investments in kerb-side recycling technology, ensuring  the increased value and efficiency of their ongoing recycling operations.

One of the key things the councils look at is glass recycling. Glass is actually a very valuable commodity, but it has to be clean and clear to command top dollar. By and large councils have been recycling as much glass as possible for quite a while, but, when looking at how to upgrade and improve their existing recycling systems, they may decide to make a significant technology leap and invest in a fleet of specialist vehicles which allow them to sort almost all of the recyclables they collect at the kerb-side. … Read More