Higher standards in safety and illumination for the vehicle workplace

Labcraft, designers and manufacturers of LED lighting for commercial vehicles is presenting three market-proven lighting solutions at this year’s CV show which, says the company, set a higher standard in safety and illumination for truck, trailer, van and emergency vehicle lighting.

Banksman BM3: The World’s first Regulation 23-compliant manoeuvring lamp is designed to improve employee safety and safety of the public, while reducing vehicle accidents and cutting costs.

Vanlite: The first direct OEM replacement light for vans. Using a simple plug & play connector, the Vanlite is up to 7 times brighter than the OEM lights and while using only half the power.

Si9 Scenelite: For bright external area lighting in a variety of working vehicle applications. A tough, exterior work-place light for all hard-working vehicles including emergency, utility, construction, rescue and agricultural.

Labcraft Reg 23 Banksman manoeuvring lights for improved safety & damage prevention

Labcraft’s innovative Banksman BM3 lighting solution is already proving to be an effective contributor to safety and cost reduction in the commercial vehicle industry. With over 5000 installations, ranging from large fleets to single vehicles, operators who have fitted the system report improved levels of safety and significant savings associated with accident damage and vehicle downtime.

Mounted at various points on the underside of the chassis, the Labcraft Banksman system delivers additional bright, white light around the vehicle to areas where conventional reversing lights cannot reach. It is suitable for any vehicle required to work in areas of darkness or poor light and simple to install – either to pre-registered vehicles, as ‘standard’, or for retrofitting to an existing fleet.

As a Regulation 23-compliant manoeuvring light, the Banksman BM3 can be installed to illuminate when in reverse only, or when both reversing and in forward motion up to 10km/hr (6.4m/hr).

Furthermore, to accommodate varying chassis heights, the Banksman BM3 offers variants to ensure that the light spread is optimised for each individual vehicle while still operating within the strict Regulation 48 lighting regulations.

Made from tough polycarbonate with strengthened lenses to protect its Cree LEDs, the Banksman BM3 is IP67-rated and is supported with a 5-year warranty. Its advanced internal electronics and heat management system enables the Banksman BM3 to provide the powerful, bright white light that is consistent and compliant with Regulations.

Operators of temperature-controlled vehicles, rigids, curtainsiders, box vans and construction vehicles have installed Labcraft’s Banksman solutions to reduce injury and damage while reducing downtime and keeping staff and the public safe. The benefits and success of the Banksman has led to collaboration with industry bodies and leading vehicle manufacturers focused on improving safety and reducing costs.

Vanlite range – for improved safety & reduced costs

The market-proven Vanlite range is a high performance, direct OEM replacement workspace light for vans. It is compatible with all leading van types and up to 7 times brighter than the OEM-supplied light.

For easy installation the LED Vanlite plugs straight into the existing OEM aperture using an easy-fit plug/play connector which eliminates additional component costs such as cabling and switches. Labour costs are therefore reduced as it takes less than 30 seconds to fit. This makes the Vanlite perfect for new conversions and for retro-fitting into existing vans.

The Vanlite is manufactured using Cree high efficiency LEDs to maximise light output and is built by Labcraft in the UK with the latest high-tech heat management technology and hard-wearing components. In addition to the benefits of improved safety, reduced installation costs and extended vehicle battery life, the Vanlite range is also supported by Labcraft’s 10-year warranty.

In summary, the Vanlite range brings improved safety, reduced installation costs and increased vehicle battery life to van users in every sector.

Si9 Scenelite – Brighter light for a wider vehicle range

New for the CV Show, the Si9 Scenelite is the first scene light product in the Labcraft range to offer a continuous light source to illuminate the work area for a wide variety of commercial and emergency vehicles, including construction and agriculture, promoting safety within the vehicle industry.

This versatile product can also be used in a wide range of additional applications such as for tail-lift lighting, rescue vehicles, utility vans and the 4×4 sector to provide a wide beam of bright, white light which will illuminate the darkest working environments.

Designed and manufactured by Labcraft in the UK, the Si9 is a compact design producing over 850 lumens of bright, white light. Its advanced internal electronics and heat management system enables the Si9 to provide a consistent powerful bright light.

The Si9 is made from tough polycarbonate and the lens features an anti-glare light guide which disperses the light evenly to avoid any hotspots, providing a clean and sharp field of light. The tough outer cover provides protection against severe weather conditions and pressure washing to give the Si9 an Ingress Protection of IP67.

The Si9 Scenelite, together with the other products in the Scenelite range, comes with Labcraft’s 10-year warranty which, in most cases, matches the life of the vehicle, offering true ‘fit & forget’ lighting solutions. All Labcraft products are manufactured in the UK and meet vehicle type approvals.

The Labcraft team will be present on stand 5C70 from 30th April to 2nd May at the NEC, Birmingham.

For more information: www.labcraft.co.uk