LEVC Unveils Enhanced Battery for TX and VN5 Models

LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) has unveiled an exciting upgrade for its TX taxi and VN5 light van models, featuring an improved and larger battery.

The latest enhancement involves upgrading the state-of-the-art eCity powertrain with a 34.6 kWh battery, offering increased capacity compared to the previous 31 kWh unit. This enhancement not only boosts the vehicles’ efficiency but also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions, further enhancing LEVC’s commitment to improving urban air quality.

With the upgraded battery, the TX taxi now emits just 14g/km of CO2, a significant reduction from the previous 19g/km. Similarly, the VN5 light van emits 17g/km of CO2, down from 19g/km. Furthermore, the electric-only range for the TX has increased to 78 miles* from the previous 64 miles, with a total range of 333 miles (up from 318 miles). The VN5 also sees improvements, with an electric-only range of 73 miles (up from 64 miles) and a total range of 328 miles* (up from 318 miles).

Since its establishment in 2017, LEVC has been manufacturing the TX taxi, known as the world’s most advanced electric taxi, at its pioneering facility. In 2019, they expanded their lineup to include the electric VN5 van. The company has already produced over 8,500 vehicles for global markets since the delivery of the first TX taxi in January 2018 in London.

LEVC CEO Alex Nan expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “LEVC’s eCity technology has become the preferred powertrain choice for modern taxi drivers worldwide. The upgraded battery further enhances the already compelling business case for our customers, providing significant benefits for drivers and owner-operators while contributing to improved air quality in urban environments.”

Nan also highlighted the growing demand for LEVC’s clean and accessible mobility solutions, with the TX electric taxi surpassing the diesel-powered TX4 to become the most common black cab operating in London.

This upgraded battery for the TX and VN5 follows LEVC’s recent announcement about its groundbreaking pure electric vehicle technology. The company is transforming itself from a prominent taxi manufacturer to a leading provider of e-mobility solutions. Their Space Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform sets new standards for onboard space in electric vehicles, enabling LEVC to enter new sectors beyond the existing TX and VN5 models, providing interior-optimized, zero-emission mobility to a wider range of consumers than ever before.

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