Logistics LtdAhead of the European legal introduction of the Euro 6 on 31 December 2013, RGF Logistics Ltd have taken delivery of their first Euro 6 vehicle.

The G445 6×2/2 CG19 High Line will operate out of RGF’s Head Quarters in Garrett’s Green, Birmingham and will join the fleet of over 60 Scania trucks.

So what are benefits to making the move to Euro 6?

Firstly there will be no compromise on the style and comfort of the truck for the driver. Scania cabs already have the cooling capacity needed to facilitate the Euro 6 engine so no adaptions on cab structure would be required.

Secondly and probably most importantly to operators like RGF Logistics Ltd is the balance between fuel economy and the performance of the truck. Proven EGR and SCR technologies are combined to provide optimum performance in all market segments with fuel savings of up to 2 percent.

RGF currently operate a range of Euro 5 Scania vehicles and with the introduction of this Euro 6 vehicle it will give them the ability to test like for like with the Euro 5 and the latest technology on the road, the Euro 6, as their Managing Director, Gary Ford explains,

“We currently operate 420/440 Euro 5 Scanias and wanted to compare as like for like against the new Euro 6 model. RGF Logistics Ltd is happy to be a leading light in the road transport industry and have no fear of the latest technology and its benefits to future generations.“

RGF’s decision to move towards this relatively new technology shows their trust in Scania and Keltruck, trust that has been built up over 20 years.

Founded in 1969, RGF Logistics Limited have celebrated over 40 years service in the haulage and distribution industry.

The company, founded by Richard Ford, was known originally as Richard Ford Limited, though it has been recently rebranded as RGF Logistics Limited. The business is still privately owned to this day, and has built up a worthy reputation as one of the UK’s high quality hauliers.