M6 Commercials

Editor Joe Wyatt spoke to Andy Savery, Director of M6 Commercials, to discuss the company’s experience at RWM and the road ahead

How did you find RWM 2017?
This was our third year at RWM, but for the previous two years we only had a small shell stand. Whilst the show may have been a little smaller this year than in previous years in terms of footfall, the visitors that we did get have been very valuable. We were very happy to meet both private contractors and representatives from councils to offer them a trial in one of our new KNS demonstrators. We were also at RWM to showcase M6 Vehicle Hire, our contract vehicle hire company that is managed by my colleague, Dave Prince. Coming to shows like RWM is all about getting your products and services out there in the eyes of the market.

At M6 Commercials we offer vehicles that are robust and fit-for-purpose at a fair price and with an excellent aftersales service, supported by our partners in Athens. As a company, we are easy to deal with and we can adapt to all our customers’ requirements, whether it is repairs, maintenance, refurbishment or supplying new vehicles entirely. Our USP is that we are a little bit cheaper than standard, and that we offer a non-CAN Bus system, so any mechanic can fix them, without the need for specialist knowledge or equipment that requires the dealer to be called in. Our philosophy when it comes to maintenance is that you can shear a sheep forever, but you will only skin it once. Of course, we would like the repeat business, but we want our customers to be able to fix any issues themselves and not have to repeatedly pay for repairs. We are happy to repair vehicles if asked, but we will not charge extortionate hourly rates like some of our competitors. We have always had service at the core of our offering; that has been my ethos for the past 18 years.

What can you tell us about your new refuse vehicle?
RWM was our launch platform for our new KNS refuse vehicle demonstrator. Last year, we went to the IFAT show in Munich to specifically find a product to bring to the UK and this is what we came back with. Made in Athens, Greece, the KNS Demo vehicle incorporates parts from trusted suppliers; Terberg and Dennis for example, so high quality and durability are guaranteed. We have painted the body with a striking orange and black colour scheme to make our demonstrator stand out from the crowd as it travels around the UK.

What does the future hold for M6 Commercials?
Our business is diverse; we sell vehicles, we offer a vehicle hire option, and we run Birmingham Test Centre, an authorised test facility, garage and MOT station. We can look after vehicles from the cradle to the grave. The only thing we can’t do is tyres – yet. There are potential plans for setting up M6 Tyres in a year or two. With 82 trucks on our hire fleet, I am spending £10,000 a month on tyres alone, so setting up a tyre business would help me to cut my costs and would also be a potential future source of income, if I can sell the tyres to our existing customers.

For more information: www.m6vehiclehire.com or www.m6commercials.co.uk