With the backing of four major OE manufacturers, Majorsell has the expertise to guide clients to the right air braking part

Stopping an HGV moving at speed is no easy task. Conventional fluid braking cannot effectively deal with vehicles above 7.5 tonnes. Air braking is the standard technology for trucks, buses and other large vehicles as air pressure can provide far more force than fluid braking, bringing even heavy vehicles to a halt.

For such a safety critical feature, it is important to ensure that nothing is left to chance. It is essential to have a quality brake part that has been installed by a qualified professional. Unfortunately, the last few years have seen many smaller air brake specialists fall by the wayside in favour of larger one-stop-shop parts suppliers. While they may stock quality air brake components, these ‘generalists’ lack the focus to fully understand the technology and guide their customers to the right part for them.

Majorsell is one of the few genuine specialists in air brakes on the CV market today. FACTS spoke with managing director Deborah Burrows and products specialist Robert Reynolds about how Majorsell’s expertise helps them help their clients.

Vote of confidence

Majorsell has the distinction of being the only company in the UK and Ireland that offers components from the four leading airbrake brands – Wabco, Knorr-Bremse, Haldex and Voith. Knorr-Bremse is the latest of the companies to work with Majorsell, with their contract going live on 1 October this year.

“They are very demanding of their distributors,” Deborah said. “Because the quality of their braking systems is very high, it takes a lot to become a distributor.

“We’re also the only official Voith remanufacturer in the UK and Ireland,” she added. “We’re allowed to call them official Voith remanufactured compressors, which nobody else can do, because they are all manufactured with OE Voith parts which no one else has access to.”

This vote of confidence from recognised industry leaders is testament to Majorsell’s high standards for product quality and customer service. It also means that Majorsell can offer its clients a wide range of OE parts, along with a variety of top quality aftermarket and remanufactured parts.


As the number of air brake specialists at the factor and end user level dwindles, Majorsell’s expertise has become a rarer and more valuable commodity. “We get a lot of customers who need help identifying the part they need, right through to fitting the part,” Deborah said. “We regularly offer fitting advice and diagnosis. As a specialist we can offer all that advice from start to finish.”

Working from OE part numbers, chassis numbers or even photographs of the parts or problem at hand, Majorsell’s experts know the exact questions to ask to find the right solution. “You have to pinpoint what the customer actually needs on the vehicle and then we give them the option of new OE or remanufactured or new aftermarket,” Deborah said.

With access to OE parts and specifications, Majorsell also offers high quality remanufactured parts. It is all about what the customers wants. “A certain cross section of customers will prefer new or OE parts,” Robert explained. “And others are more cost conscious and they will prefer a lower cost remanufactured part.

“It’s not that one is any better than the other. It’s a matter of what you’re used to, how much you can afford and the availability of the required part”

Trial and error

Guiding the client to the right air brake part saves them vital time and money. While most websites and parts suppliers provide a wide range of parts, they can lack the expertise to advise customers on the right part. This can lead the end user into a long and expensive process of trial and error as they try to find the right component that they need.

“If you pick the part you think fits your vehicle from a big catalogue and it does not correct the fault, what do you do then?” Robert asked. “Go and pick another product and another product. That used to be prevalent in the automotive repair world years ago but vehicle repairers and operators do not want that anymore – they want the job done and they want to get the vehicle back on the road, because vehicle downtime costs money.

“That’s where we come in because we have the specialism to ask the right questions and give the best answers and the best solutions.”

Once Majorsell has helped the factor identify what they need for their customer, the company can deliver the part the same day or overnight. “If you ordered it online, you would get it the next morning, but you don’t always know 100% that you’ve got the right part,” Deborah said.

Even if the part is essentially the right one, the amount of customisation and retro-fitting that happens to some commercial vehicles can make installing the part difficult.

The right part

Majorsell’s specialism in air braking means that they understand the parts they supply. As such, they ensure they stock only the best quality components. This is what makes the company’s relationship with its OE manufacturers so important.

“We’re confident in the range of parts that we offer because we only offer quality brands,” Deborah said. “We offer robust warranties on all our parts, including remanufactured parts. If a customer does have a problem with a part we will always do a full warranty inspection on it and a full warranty report and feed that back to the customer.”

By having access to the parts and expertise of the four main OE manufacturers, Majorsell can pinpoint exactly what the customer needs. “We’ve got access to the four OE manufacturers’ parts identification systems,” Robert said. “If the vehicle is fitted with one of their systems and it just cannot be fixed, we can call on their specialists to go to the end user to give them advice from the manufacturer’s point of view.

“That’s especially relevant when it comes to Voith, whose compressors are very high tech and very bespoke. They’re currently developing models to replace compressors on vehicles which might be made by a different manufacturer but are not quite as efficient for that operation as they could be, for example on buses. So they are looking at retrofitting the entire compressor system with a view to making the fleet more economic to run.”

For more information: 0121 544 0951, sales@majorsell.co.uk or www.majorsell.co.uk