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Following its acquisition of Battery Power Systems (BPS) in late 2011, Manbat has been working intensively with the BPS team to further develop their combined industrial battery presence.

Manbat logoFollowing its acquisition of Battery Power Systems (BPS) in late 2011, Manbat has been working intensively with the BPS team to further develop their combined industrial battery presence. With more than 27 years of sales and service expertise BPS is able to offer both the materials handling and floor care sectors a well-tailored package solution, rather than simply selling replacement batteries.

As a result, IMHX 2013 has been selected as the ideal event to debut not only BPS/Manbat’s industrial business, but also sister company G & P Batteries, with a shared stand under their parent company’s Eco-Bat Technologies group banner.

Eco-Bat Technologies is one of the world’s leading suppliers of lead, annually converting millions of tons of lead waste into high quality lead ingots, strip, wire and shot through its efficient smelters across the globe. Among its many customers are a number of the world’s largest battery manufacturers and some of these brands are subsequently distributed nationally through BPS/Manbat Industrial’s comprehensive branch network.

Working alongside G & P Batteries, BPS/Manbat Industrial are able to offer its industrial battery and floor care customers a complete ‘battery sales through to waste management service’, which means that all its customers’ environmental responsibilities are fulfilled and certified.

G & P Batteries is the country’s leading waste battery collection specialist. Its expert advice, combined with prompt and reliable collections, which are available nationwide, mean that it is able to guarantee that waste batteries are safe in their hands.

The combination of new battery sales and distribution, together with waste battery collection, recycling and lead reintroduction into the manufacturing process, means that the Eco-Bat Technologies group is able to close the environmental loop.

One of BPS/Manbat Industrial’s primary messages for IMHX is for industrial battery buyers to put quality before price. This principle will pay dividends over the long-term as a cheap low quality product will simply not stand up to the rigours of everyday use like a quality battery. Put plainly, although it may cost a little more, a quality battery will last a lot longer.

Both TAB, one of the leading manufacturers and innovators of lead acid and Gel traction products and S.P.E Electronica, who manufacture an extensive range of 50Hz and high frequency battery chargers, are whole heartedly in support of the growth of BPS/Manbat Industrial. Both manufacturers were brought together by BPS to offer a bespoke solution that ensures the customer’s requirements and correct application are matched to provide the solution that reduces the cost of ownership.

Where the assimilation work done with BPS during 2012 has really come to the fore to provide particular benefits to its customers is in the additional support that it is now able to offer them. As a result, in addition to the quality products that it can supply and the responsible disposal process it provides, BPS/Manbat Industrial can offer them a full battery management programme.

The programme encompasses everything from the original assessment of the customer’s battery requirements, through product maintenance planning, to the eventual battery replacement. This programme maximises the lifespan of each battery and delivers the most cost-effective solution to the customer’s battery needs.

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