Fill your unused parking spaces with SNAP Account drivers for additional revenue

By using SNAP’s Depot Parking system, fleet operators and logistics managers who have empty space in their yard can generate substantial amounts of additional revenue for their business.

SNAP introduced their Depot Parking solution in 2012 to combat the European parking crisis, helping to open an additional 300,000 truck parking spaces in 2019 alone. If you have empty spaces in your yard or an unused area in your depot, particularly when your own vehicles are out on the road, why not open a new revenue stream by accepting SNAP Account drivers to park in your facility? SNAP will promote your empty spaces, send drivers your way and pay you directly.

How does it work?

You do not have to be a recognised truck park to qualify to join SNAP’s Depot Parking network. One of the key features of the scheme is that SNAP is providing extra HGV parking without going through the arduous and expensive task of building new purpose-built truck parking locations. Logistics centres and fleet depots have the necessary infrastructure to accommodate HGVs and can make extra cash in the process.

Depot parking locations are predominantly exclusive to the 100,000 SNAP Account drivers who are looking for new places to park. SNAP drivers’ pre-book in advance, guaranteeing themselves a space for when they arrive. Site owners control access via SNAP’s secure online portal which shows driver details and vehicle licence plate numbers.

The amount of spaces you offer is dynamic, so if you wish to increase or reduce the amount of parking spots available, it can be amended at the click of a button. This feature is particularly useful if your own vehicles are likely to be working away, more or less frequently.

By opening the empty spaces in your yard to drivers in need, you are helping the HGV industry and will be creating extra revenue for your business with minimal effort.

How much extra revenue are you missing out on?

Use this link to find out more information and calculate how much money you could be making from Depot Parking.

What can you expect?

SNAP Account drivers will fill your empty spaces and top-up your profits at no additional cost to your business. SNAP will handle all the paperwork, market you to drivers and fleets and provide first-class customer support. By registering to join the Depot Parking network, you will be accompanying household names, such as Royal Mail, DSV, Bartrums, RD Williams and many more who are providing much-needed parking and earning extra money.

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