In a statement, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) has said it is alarmed at the news that a HGV and its driver were targeted in a hijack attack by migrants at Calais attempting to cross the Channel.

Lorries at the port in Calais queue to board ferries to England (credit: lumokajlinioj/

Richard Burnett, RHA Chief Executive, said: “This latest development is disturbing and comes as a stark warning to UK-bound hauliers that [some] migrants will stop at nothing to reach our shores.

“In this instance the truck itself was hi-jacked, the driver was attacked with a brick and he ended up in hospital with a severe head injury. Since this situation began we have stressed that migrants [who attack HGV drivers] are putting lives at risk.

“This latest method of actually targeting and hi-jacking vehicles is a new one and clearly shows that the desperation of migrants to get to the UK has reached new heights.

“Less than six weeks ago, we saw the death of a driver as a result of migrant action. Security at the Port must be increased before the unthinkable happens and another driver loses their life.”

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