forkliftsWhen you think of narrow aisle electric forklifts, you probably only imagine them being used in small warehouses and in the narrow aisle situations that their name implies. But just because these lift trucks were originally designed for narrow aisles does not mean that they cannot be used in large warehouses for small jobs and for outdoor jobs as well. Narrow aisle electric forklifts are versatile and can be safely used for any job up to their load capacity.

Narrow aisle electric forklifts are counterbalanced to offer a smooth and safe operation. They have the ability to handle the movement of materials almost soundlessly, and because of a small turning radius, are able to maneuver in the cramped spaces for which they were first intended. Hyundai Fork Lifts offer five different narrow aisle electric forklifts that have unique on- board controllers that govern the acceleration speed vis-a-vis its varying platform height, meaning that the operating speed becomes increasingly restricted as the forklift moves higher so each job can be completed safely without the fear of a tip over. …Read More