The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association has launched an online accreditation scheme for sales staff within leasing brokers – the latest in a series of measures aimed at raising standards within the sector. BVRLAX Fleet Alliance

The programme is available to staff at the 100+ leasing brokers currently in BVRLA membership. Once registered, candidates receive a username and password which enables them to access online learning material and take the accreditation test.

Topics covered include corporate and industry governance, regulatory compliance, business vehicle acquisition methods, sales techniques and a glossary of industry terms. The association envisages that two to three hours of study, backed up by six months industry sales experience, will be sufficient to prepare candidates for the 40-minute online test.

“The accreditation met all the skills and knowledge required in my current role,” said Jen Crombie, an Account Manager at Fleet Alliance, who completed the programme during its pilot phase.

The accreditation lasts for one year.

“This programme will play an important role in helping the sector to promote the high standards being delivered by BVRLA leasing brokers,” said Mike Lloyd, chairman of the BVRLA Leasing Broker committee and managing director of Central Contracts, which has already enrolled three members of staff on the accreditation scheme.

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