Autogas photoNow with more than 229 Autogas Limited refuelling stations across the UK, LPG drivers are never far from the cheaper fuel from the UK’s number one supplier and now it’s easier than ever to find the most convenient outlet.

The launch of a new online site locator and route planner tool on is a quick and easy way for LPG users to plot the best course for their journey while pinpointing the nearest Autogas Limited refuelling stations en-route.

Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas Limited, said: “This new online tool is a great way for drivers to plan their journey and to also see where they can fill up with autogas LPG from our sites before they set off.

“In reality, however, there is often little need for a diversion with many refuelling stations conveniently located on major motorways, including the M25, A-roads, plus town and city locations.”

While Autogas Limited itself has the largest UK LPG network that is detailed on the new online locator, there are many other refuelling stations across the country bringing the total to 1400, making it the number one alternative to petrol and diesel.

The key reason for the rising popularity of the fuel is due to the fact that it costs up to 40 per cent less than petrol, is readily available with an established refuelling network and also has better environmental credentials than traditional road fuels.

“LPG drivers tend to already be switched on, as proven by their choice of fuel, so this new on-line facility will be ‘right up their street’.

“It’s also another way that Autogas Limited is making life easier for drivers in the UK, who are converting to LPG in their thousands every year,” added Oxford.

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