Editor Joe Wyatt speaks to Gary Hewitt, Managing Director, Groeneveld UK, to learn more about the integration and plans for the year ahead

The Groeneveld Group, a leading provider of automatic lubrication solutions used in on- and off-highway applications are merging its UK Sales Operations with specialised lubrication systems manufacturer Interlube’s UK Sales Operation. This one Sales entity in the UK will form a dynamic partnership since the acquisition of Groeneveld Group by The Timken Company, a multinational corporation and leader in engineered bearings and mechanical power transmission products.

Since 1971, Groeneveld has been active in the development, production, marketing and sales of innovative products and services for improving efficiency, safety and uptime in the transport, public transport, off-road, mining, industrial, port and agricultural sectors. Their most recognisable products to readers of FACTS will be Greensight, a sophisticated obstacle detection system designed to counteract vehicle blind spots and improve road safety, as well as SingleLine and EcoPlus, both automatic lubrication systems that optimise efficiency and maximise vehicle uptime.
Richard G. Kyle, President and CEO, Timken, said the incorporation of Groeneveld will “further expand [Timken’s] presence in the automatic lubrication systems space” which the company first entered in 2013 with the acquisition of Interlube.

“Groeneveld will bring a strong brand and management team, a global customer base and an industry-leading product portfolio that has an attractive market position in off-highway equipment and heavy trucks,” he added.

Growing on all fronts

Gary Hewitt, Managing Director, Groeneveld UK, who will be responsible for the combined Sales of both brands, is optimistic for Groeneveld’s future post-integration.

“I am feeling very positive about the merger of the two Sales operations,” said Gary, speaking exclusively to FACTS. “We have almost doubled in size following the incorporation of Interlube. The product range that we can now offer is greatly increased and this will certainly reap dividends in the coming year. The future is certainly looking brighter than if we were still two separate competing companies.”

Gary emphasises that Groeneveld can now offer a one-stop shop for new and existing customers; rather than hunting down equipment from a great number of suppliers, clients can source more from Groeneveld’s newly diversified product portfolio.

“Our newly added capacity and technical capabilities mean we can respond to and accommodate the needs of the market and our customers much quicker than we have done in the past,” said Gary.

As part of this added capacity comes an expanded team of engineers to carry out installation, service and repair responsibilities.

“We have recently recruited two engineers with previous experience with the Groeneveld range in Scotland to create a new 14-strong national team. Now, for the first time, we have Groeneveld-employed engineers covering the Scottish region who will travel around Scotland servicing our customers in their newly liveried van bearing the Groeneveld logo and branding. This is an exciting development for us as it is the first time the Groeneveld name will have tangible representation in Scotland. As a result of the merger, our regional coverage will now extend from Scotland down to the south coast of England.”

Building on the past

Gary views the acquisition of Groeneveld by Timken as a vital opportunity to build on Groeneveld’s past successes and unique selling points.

“As well as adding new capabilities, we will continue to invest in and improve our existing strengths,” commented Gary. “For example, we will continue to offer a bespoke, customisable design of our SingleLine system to clients. The system can be uniquely tailored to fit end user requirements through the installation of supplementary bodies and attachments following original installation if required. This will certainly continue following the merger. In 2018, SingleLine will be Groeneveld’s most important on-road product in the UK for refuse applications.”

Amidst all these developments, what will be Groeneveld’s overarching focus in 2018?

“Our central objective will be to maintain and build upon our major presence in the market,” concluded Gary. “In the mobile sector, Groeneveld is the market leader. By bringing on Interlube, we have grown significantly from that. 2018 is about consolidating our position as market leader and making sure that the customer gets the best quality and service from us. Under the hospice of Timken, we will be able to expand and benefit from their resources and economies of scale and build on our legacy that we have forged over the past 46 years in the industry.”

For more information: www.groeneveld-group.com