drying model photoThe latest model of Tri-Sphere’s energy-smart paint drying system, the REVO 180 is equipped with additional features that reduce operational time, provide added protection for vehicles inside the booth and boost throughput. 

The new fail-safe feature ensures that the drying tower cannot make contact with the object to be dried. Sensors identify it and the REVO stops immediately. This applies even in the event of set-up errors or incorrect positioning of the vehicle or body panel inside the booth. Installation of the fail-safe sensors has allowed the speed of travel of the drying tower at the start and end of the drying process to be increased. This has reduced the over all operational time.

All REVO systems now have on board touch-screen controls as standard, replacing the mechanical controls. This is a benefit that improves efficiency and eliminates the potential for set-up errors. Tri-Sphere Director Jim Masterson says that energy saving equipment and the introduction of emissions control measures are now integral parts of the bodyshop management process.

“Any option that provides opportunities to save energy consumption and speed up repairs must be taken in order to remain competitive.” he says.

Massive energy savings are the fastest way to cut costs in response to falling volumes and infrared paint drying systems can be the key to successful cost management strategies for paint shops, he adds. Thanks to its energy saving and emissions cutting prowess, REVO 180 users continue to benefit from favourable investment loan terms arranged in association with the Carbon Trust.

For more information: www.tri-sphere.co.uk