Brigade Electronics

Responding to customer feedback and a Transport for London (TfL) report into blind spot technology, Brigade Electronics has re engineered its Sidescan product for improved reliability and outstanding accuracy.

Brigade was invited to take part in the TfL trial in which several operators participated using a range of technologies including Sidescan.

Sidescan is a four sensor ultrasonic sensor system fitted along the side of a vehicle which detects cyclists and pedestrians in vehicle blind spots. The system provides an audible warning to the diver and an optional real speech warning to the cyclist – “caution vehicle turning left.”

Thirty per cent of respondents in the TfL trial said they were investing in new technologies due to the huge growth in the number of cyclists on the road and twenty four per cent wanted safety systems to improve their peace of mind.

A last minute sighting of a cyclist who was previously unseen in the vehicle’s mirrors can be a frightening experience for any driver. Brigade Electronics advises operators globally on how to reduce vehicle blind spots and recommends a complementary range of products for all round visibility, to alert the cyclist and provide peace of mind for the driver.

Respondents from the TfL trial said Sidescan was self explanatory and easy to use. They found it particularly useful when performing slow manoeuvres and to avoid obstacles and felt that it performed well in the dark and when manoeuvring in tight spaces.

The trial also concluded some points for improvement. As a result the NEW generation Sidescan SS-4000W, is now five times faster and detects much smaller objects than was previously possible. In a direct response to customer requests, the sensitivity and detection range are now adjustable to prevent false alarms and the buzzer is equipped with volume control for varying ambient levels.

Sidescan now has vastly improved ‘general interference’ for improved use in adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain.

Responding to fitment time and ease, Brigade has enabled the waterproof control box to be fitted closer to the sensors, significantly reducing the length of cables required.

Also NEW to the product line are Cornerscan, Frontscan and Stepscan options which complement the existing Sidescan and Backscan ranges reducing vehicle damage and downtime costs.

Brigade has further streamlined the product options so that each kit now fits to all applications including metal, plastic, fibreglass or underslung making customer selection easier.

Brigade is supporting the Fleet Operator Recognition scheme (FORS) run by TfL and will be offering member discounts from January.

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