NICOLAS delivers K25 module to Capelle in France – First assignment is transporting a 140 t steel girder.

The French heavy load transporter manufacturer NICOLAS, sold equipment to its long-standing customer Capelle in Ales, France.The French heavy load transporter manufacturer NICOLAS, a member of the TII Group, sold equipment from the modular platform trailer product range to its long-standing customer Capelle in Ales, France. As a result, Capelle expanded the capacity of its extensive fleet of heavy load vehicles that also includes numerous axle lines of the French MDEL platform trailer series. On 24th September, 2014, Capelle successfully carried out the first transport using the new K25 vehicles in the port of Dunkerque involving a 140 t consignment of steel girders.

For 40 years now, Capelle, one of the biggest players in the heavy load sector in Europe, has been buying heavy load transporters from NICOLAS. As a member of the global trendsetting TII Group, NICOLAS can not only offer its own products but also heavy load transporters from its German sister company SCHEUERLE and KAMAG to its French customers. For the expansion of its fleet of vehicles, Capelle has taken advantage of this option and has invested for the first time in the German K25 modular product series from SCHEUERLE-KAMAG, made in Auxerre and Pfedelbach.

“We wanted to diversify our vehicle fleet and enhance our transportation options. Technically, the K25, built together with NICOLAS and its affiliates SCHEUERLE and KAMAG,is an innovative top-product and provides us, in combination with the K25 PowerBooster and the K25 Split, a range of new flexible transport operations”, explained Jean-Daniel Capelle, Managing Director of the Capelle Groupe. “We at Capelle appreciate, in particular, the technically convincing performance along with the easy and safe handling as well as high product quality”, added Capelle.

Internationally, the K25 modular platform trailer series has proven itself over many years and has set new standards in the heavy load transporter industry. Thus, the K25 currently offers the strongest bending moment and the largest volume of oil in its class as well as being extremely manoeuvrable and low-wear. The product series offers modules featuring from 2- up to 8-axle bogie unit with an axle load of 45 t, longitudinally and transversely coupled combinations, freely-accessible track rods, and an extensive range of accessories. More flexibility, which therefore ensures more cost-effective use, also allows the combination with vehicles from other manufacturers. For example, combining a SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 H and Goldhofer THP is easily possible. Extra strong constructions (K25 ES), the Split Type (K25 SL) and the self-propelled K25 SP, SPE (electronically steered) and PB (PowerBooster) versions complement the range of bogies. A 3.2 K25 special solution was recently developed for the North American market.

Special attention must be given to the K25 PowerBooster (PB), an innovation that was introduced to the market by the TII Group. The K25 H PB operates on the road as a trailer combination but can be, if required, switched from a pusher machine to a towing vehicle. As a self-propelled unit, it efficiently deals with in-plant transports and can be mechanically coupled “side-by-side” and “end-to-end”.

The French heavy load transporter manufacturer NICOLAS, sold equipment to its long-standing customer Capelle in Ales, France.The first use of Capelle´s new K25lines in Dunkerque, the transport of a 140 t steel girder,  went very smoothly as expected: safely and precisely, the heavy transport entered the harbour area of Dunkerque´s port at around 7.00 am, with its oversized load being moved at a steady 10 km/h. Through the axle compensation of +/- 300 mm and a steering angle of +/60°, Capelle´s experienced driver manoeuvred his K25 platform trailer combination effortlessly over the uneven as well as winding route to the final destination. Obstacles such as roundabouts were easily mastered thanks to the use of turntables.

“We are delighted with the confidence placed once again in NICOLAS and the expansion of the existing NICOLAS fleet through other products from the TII Group. We would like to wish our long-standing customer, Capelle, continued success in its transport operations”, said Sébastien Porteu, Managing Director of NICOLAS Industrie.