Once a year, the European Transport Training Association (EuroTra), together with Volvo Trucks, rewards the best product or service that has contributed to improved traffic safety for the European road transport and logistics industry.
“Now it’s time to nominate the candidates for the 2011 EuroTra ‘Safety and Innovation’ Award,” says Carl Johan Almqvist, Traffic and Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks and a member of the EuroTra jury. “By supporting this award we hope to draw more attention to traffic safety issues and to influence others to continue to work with this important area.”
“As ‘safety’ is one of our core values, Volvo Trucks is working on all fronts to improve safety and minimise the risks and consequences of road accidents. Not least with our driver training programme,” adds Carl Johan Almqvist.
Nominations for the EuroTra ‘Safety and Innovation’ Award – which close on September 16 – are being sought from all over Europe. For more details or an application form, please contact James Tillyer, Campaign Manager, on: jtillyer@fta.co.uk
The jury selects the winning proposal among the applications which best meet all or several of the following criteria:
Presents a clear link with road safety and encourages a continuous process in the area of road safety
Has a connection with the benefits of training and education
Helps solve environmental issues in the road transport industry
Is innovative in its nature
This year’s Award will be handed over in London in December 2011 where, in addition to a certificate, the winner will be rewarded with a prize to the value of €1500 (£1300).

For more information: www.fta.co.uk