Members of Certas Energy and Peel Ports Group were joined by port users at the grand opening of the dual OTS Multiserv tanks at the port of Liverpool for a ribbon cutting event

Widely lauded by leading UK fuel distributors, the OTS Multiserv™ is a modular, unmanned commercial filling station solution capable of dispensing multiple fuels, including derv, gas oil and AdBlue®, at speeds of up to 120 litres per minute. Functioning in a similar fashion as a conventional unmanned truck stop, the system draws on top-of-the-range technologies, such as the Gilbarco SK700 and the Tokheim Q510 high flow fuel dispensing pumps from petrol equipment manufacturers Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Tokheim.

The patented design of the OTS Multiserv™ incorporates the latest technology in remote environmental monitoring, both of fuel stocks and fuel quality, with on-board interactive fuel filtration systems optimising tank and fuel quality. The integrated equipment design facilitates seamless installation on site with no extensive and costly groundworks or buried pipe work; the tank and equipment are instead installed above ground. This installation is preferred by the Environment Agency as it prevents leaks from underground tanks into the ground and bedrock, protecting the surrounding land from contamination. The tanks packs have triple lock environmental protection with remote alarm monitoring via cloud-based software. This “plug and play” solution consolidates long term investment that allows for relocating of the asset should the need arise. By designing a fully integrated above-ground tank, with ATG and fuel filtration system and dispensing capabilities, OTS have created a 24/7 HGV commercial refuelling facility capable of dispensing up to 100,000 litres per day.

The OTS Multiserv with Certas Energy design at the Port of Liverpool.

Reduced refuelling times, fully compliant, alarm management

What makes OTS Multiserv™ truly unique is its patented design that integrates service rooms into the tank pack allowing for installation of forecourt style fuel dispensing, whilst additional service rooms cater for electrical equipment and separated fill points. The MultiServ™ filling station has undergone stringent design and safety checks to ensure highest compliance both from an operational and environmental perspective. Alarm management has been considered essential to the success of the OTS Multiserv™, with multiple sensing devices installed to check and measure stocks, high/low levels, run-dry, sudden loss, overfill and fuel quality post-filtration. Fuel quality and tank cleanliness is also featured with real time monitoring of delivered-in fuel, including automation interaction with the on-board filtration systems to ensure consistently high fuel quality. All alarm management can be monitored via the Internet and emails/SMS alerts.

A graphical representation of the OTS Multiserv

“40% increase in business following installation”

Speaking to FACTS, Steve Gain, Managing Director, OTS, said: “Each bespoke tank of the OTS Multiserv™ is designed to meet the needs of our valued customers with every project having its own unique build to ensure it is fit for purpose and designed to meet consumer objectives. We offer a 20-year design life certificate coupled with a team of specialist engineers who work with our customers to create workable solutions.

“Typically, the Multiserv™ tanks are installed in pairs and provide approximately 250,000 litres of multi-product storage for diesel, gas oil and AdBlue®. Each of the tanks incorporate an automated electronic transaction setup for national fuel cards, with further options for ‘pay at the pump’ terminals o­ffering credit, debit and fuel cards.

“We have made a significant investment into the design of the Multiserv™ to continually develop the product to create a retail forecourt experience when refuelling large commercial HGV trucks. The MultiServ™ tank has proved very popular with oil distributors and truck stops across the UK, who turn over large volumes of diesel on a daily basis and have since reported a 40% increase in business following installation. With fast fuelling pumps, the ability to fill up four full length artics at once, built-in data collection and fuel monitoring systems, coupled with more fuelling and less queuing at truck stops, it is easy to see why the MultiServ™ is a profitable investment for our valued customers.”

For many years, OTS has been at the forefront of innovative designs that include ‘self-cleaning’ tanks for bio-fuel, automated fuel dosing systems, and automated fuel filtration systems, with many of these industry-leading products integrated into the MultiServ™ system. The research and development of this range has been a team e­ ort, fully funded and invested in by OTS shareholders.

The OTS Multiserv on site at the Port of Liverpool, indicated by the red box.


In collaboration with Certas Energy and the Peel Ports Group, an OTS Multiserv™ 24/7 refuelling system has been installed at the Port of Liverpool. Construction of the dual Multiserv™ tanks took place over a 12 week period. Following this, the site now provides storage and refuelling capabilities for diesel, gas oil, and AdBlue®, and will allow eight vehicles to fill up simultaneously. Members of Certas Energy and Peel Ports Group were joined by port users at the grand opening for a ribbon cutting event. Speaking to Peel Ports Group, Andrew Goodwin, National Bunker Manager, Certas Energy, said: “We are really pleased that the site is now open. Feedback received from port users during the construction phase is that this will be extremely convenient for them. They will be able to refuel on entering or leaving the port which means that they do not have to detour o? route before making their onward journeys.”

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