Vehotrans is being offered free for the first six months to new customers, and has already gained more than 1,400 followers on social media website Twitter
Vehotrans is being offered free for the first six months

A new freight and transport exchange has teamed up with transport software specialist Journease to make life easier for businesses in the transport industry. The recently launched west Wales-based Vehotrans freight and transport exchange has already gained nearly 500 members and is growing every day. It has recently seen an increase in the number of Scottish transport companies signing up, and is currently taking part in a Scottish marketing campaign.

To make life easier for potential and existing customers, the European-wide exchange, offered free for the first six months to new customers, is now in partnership with Bristol-based Journease.

Transport software specialists Journease and recently-launched freight and transport exchange Vehotrans have entered into a partnership, which they hope will benefit new and existing customers
Transport software specialists Journease

Journease is a software system for transport companies – offering job quoting/booking, route planning and invoicing, mobile data capture, and web booking.


Vehotrans Marketing Manager Carl Davies said: “I have noticed an increase in Scottish vehicle and load providers on Vehotrans over the past couple of months.

“We have been promoting Vehotrans in Scotland because our members are finding it difficult to get enough backloads from Scotland, so we are trying to promote the site to both benefit our members and manufacturing in Scotland.”

He stressed that, while other established exchanges already exist in the UK, Vehotrans offered a competitive one-stop shop for couriers, hauliers, and freight forwarders alike.

He said: “There was a gap in the market for a competitive exchange site that benefits both our customers and the industry. We identified that having an exchange with no hidden extras, free set-up, and free unlimited apps would benefit the industry.”

Vehotrans Director Lukas Gamble said the partnership with Journease would benefit both businesses as well as making life easier for potential customers of Vehotrans.

“We did this in order to add value to our own product by giving our potential new members an easier way to use our system by integrating their current business processes with our own system so they could easily publish their loads and jobs onto our system without creating extra work.

“It’s a way to attract customers to use our system; it’s just keeping the process simple, they don’t even have to go and log on to our website. Once they add a job on Journease it’s just a case of pressing a button and their jobs are on Vehotrans; it gives them better exposure and fulfilment.

“It works for everybody; it’s attractive for Journease customers, they can get better coverage for their jobs without any extra work on their behalf, and it also pushes extra work for our members; it’s a win-win.”

Managing Director of Journease Tim Bryant said: “The benefit for us is our customers can fulfil their jobs in a most efficient manner.

“It’s offering more options for my customers; there’s no financial benefit for us, no-one’s charging anything.

“It raises the profile of our software; it’s a mutual benefit.”

The use of the partnership to make life easier for existing and future customers fits in with Vehotrans’ existing ethos of flexibility.

Vehotrans is built around easy to use smart phone technology applications, which can be used with Apple, Android and Blackberry phones, complete with live mapping for loads and driver availability.

“It’s businesses working together for a common goal; we can help each other without competing directly or working against each other,” said Lukas.

Tim echoed his views: “Vehotrans does what it does well and we do what we do well; Journease has been around for 13 years with constant updating of the system, all from our customers’ suggestions. Our USP is the functionality of the software, the price point and the support we offer; our vision is to become the industry standard.”

Lukas stressed the partnership was all about providing a better deal for the customer.

“We are both independent companies offering different value to our customers in different areas; by working together we are able to provide a better service for both our companies.

“I think there will be more partnerships like this in the future. In times that are really difficult we need to be looking at how companies can work together and both thrive; it’s not really a time to isolate yourself and put up walls around your company. If we can work together for our mutual benefit and for our customers then why not?”

Journease is a cost effective solution for transport companies – offering job quoting/booking, route planning and invoicing, mobile data capture, web booking.

Whether you own a large warehousing operation, a sameday courier service, or you are an owner driver, Journease offers ways of helping you run your transport company more effectively. The software has been around for some 10 years and offers many features to help your business.

can be used with Apple, Android and Blackberry phones
Can be used with Apple, Android and Blackberry phones

Features offered by Journease include creating quotations, invoicing, job booking, vehicle management, vehicle checks for defects and rectifications, warehousing, web booking, PDA signature capture, integrated mapping and warehousing.

Whether you run a large warehousing operation, sameday courier service or you are an owner driver, Journease has the solution to run your transport company.And now, Journease has made it even easier for their customers to get fulfilment on their jobs. If you have the Journease transportion software you can easily advertise your jobs on Vehotrans, the new online Courier, Haulage & Freight Exchange. The new Post to Vehotrans feature allows you to post to Vehotrans simply by clicking a button within the Journease transportion software.


A freight exchange is an online service which allows hauliers, couriers, and freight forwarders to search for available loads and advertise vehicle space, and for freight forwarders and logistics companies to advertise loads available.

As an example, a haulier has an order to transport steel from Cardiff to Glasgow but no return load. Ideally, a freight order for the return trip would increase profitability, so the trucker would search for return freight or ‘backload’ on a freight exchange.

The backload would also benefit a freight forwarder looking for a load to be taken en route.

The Vehotrans online freight, transport and warehouse exchange was officially launched late last year by transport technology providers VehoGroup Ltd, and has attracted a lot of interest from couriers and hauliers alike.

It is currently offered free without any contract or obligation for the first six months, with an annual cost of £199+VAT a year after that.

As well as the online facilities, the exchange is fully smart phone ready, working on Apple, Android and Blackberry phones.

The mobile phone application allows drivers to post their availability and global position while also being able to search for loads nearby.

It alerts members when a job is posted which matches their preferred location, route, or vehicle type.

Vehotrans also offers live chat facilities which can be automatically translated from other languages in real time for working across different countries.

Vehotrans also offers

Optional invoicing through Vehotrans

Quote requests can be directly loaded onto Vehotrans

Input as many Sub contractors as you wish

Full UK & European Warehouse Exchange built into Vehotrans

Live Chat, SMS or email with other members about load/vehicle offers.