Pollock Scotrans logoHere is a copy of an email that Pollock Scotrans Ltd received yesterday morning – a nice start to the week for the Bathgate based haulier.

“Last night (Sunday) at around 5 pm I was driving back home to South Wales after a weekend away in Manchester. I was driving along the A449 when a tyre on my car burst.

“There wasn’t a layby anywhere near so I had to park on the side of the dual carriageway with half the car still in the road. It was dark and cars and trucks continued to go past at speed. I quickly tried to contact my parents to see if they had breakdown cover but was unable to contact either of them.

“After 10 minutes of cars and trucks flying past and not slowing one of your Pollock trucks saw what was happening and the driver quickly parked directly behind me to protect us from the traffic. I had my four year old niece with me who was very scared and crying.

“The driver made sure I was alright and told me to stay in the car and keep warm while he changed the tyre. The boot was full of luggage but he unpacked it and had the wheel changed in less than ten minutes, He packed all the stuff away and then went to his cab and came back with a toy monkey which was in his windscreen, this made me niece instantly smile and the crying stopped.

“I can not tell you how grateful I am to the driver. Not a single other person gave me the time of day let alone stopped and help. He truly was a gentleman and if more people were as courteous as he was then the roads would have a lot less accidents. He never did tell me his name but his number plate was xxxxxxx.”

Thank you
Sarah Jones