The overall safety policy of fleet operations should not be viewed as an obligatory cost but as a vital management tool to provide a safe working environment for drivers, vehicles and all road users.

Effective action can save the company money in terms of claims from both third parties and staff, damage repair, loss of earnings due to vehicle
“off the road” time and potential savings in insurance premiums.

Recent changes to the Ogden Insurance tables mean that potential for compensation payments has increased considerably. This is likely to have a resultant knock-on effect on your company’s insurance premium. It is therefore even more pertinent to take action to minimise the risks.

What can you do to potentially reduce premiums?
• Regular driver assessment – Assisted by tracking and video recording
• Technology – Video provides irrefutable evidence. Data from tracking systems can help you identify regular speeders and harsh braking, and highlight potential areas for improvement
• Review evidence – This enables you to illustrate to the insurance company how you are driving down accident rates through the use of recording, sensors, and warning alarms tracking
• Driver handbook – Accident procedure, phone policy, post-crash procedure, claim and evidence reporting

If you take no action:
If you have not taken any of the actions described, in the event of an incident, would you be able to provide full justification for your reasons
for not fitting additional safety equipment?

Why take action?
• If a driver baulks at having a ‘spy’ in the cab, it is vital to point out that as a company under health and safety requirements there is a duty of care to look after the staff member
• The vehicle is a company asset and needs to be looked after
• Legal compliance
• Moral duty – Taking action shows you care and demonstrates positive corporate responsibility
• Protect your reputation – Building a trustworthy brand makes defending yourself from Crash for Cash claimants or unwarranted claims much easier
• Follow and investigate fully any reported crashes or claimed traffic violations

One of S. Clark & Sons’ vehicles fitted with Backwatch road safety products.

One of Backwatch’s customers to whom health and safety is of vital importance is S Clark & Sons (Haulage) Ltd based in Anerley, South East London. They have fitted all their vehicles with surround camera systems to give full evidence in the event of any claims, warning alarms to alert vulnerable road users, sensors on the side of the vehicle to alert the driver and flashing warning beacons.

System developments include surround high definition cameras and recording for up to 60 days, making evidence clearer than ever, with live view and remote download features available.
As a company, Backwatch Safety Products have been supplying vehicle safety equipment for over 20 years. Key to their business is a personalised service; Backwatch work with customers
to determine their specific requirements, to keep their fleet and drivers safe and make sure operators are protected from unscrupulous claims.

Backwatch provide a complete range of safety equipment including proximity sensors, dash cams, cameras, DVR monitors, audible and visual warning devices, tracking, light bars etc.

Two recent additions to the Backwatch range:
• Magnetic, rechargeable wireless rear-view camera and monitor, which can be transferred easily between vehicles, including trailers,
no fitment required.
• Rechargeable magnetic tracker easily transferable between vehicles, which remotely sends information to your mobile or PC.

Save time, money and lives with Backwatch Safety Products.

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