punishments hauliersAs compliance regulations have grown in number across the UK haulage industry, the number of hauliers being punished for non-compliance continues to increase.

17% of the Traffic Commissioner’s public inquiries between July and August ended with companies having their licences curtailed. In addition, 16% received a formal warning, with 13.5% having their licences revoked and 6% having their licences suspended.

In today’s industry, transport managers must be more diligent in using their O Licences properly, doing their daily checks and keeping tachographs up to date. Consequently, businesses are now looking to make their work easier with online and paperless vehicle daily defect checks, and are increasingly looking to specialist software for their daily vehicle checks.

VDD Solutions

VDD Solutions is the new online system capable of safeguarding your business. The system incorporates several different features to complete your vehicle daily defects checks with maximum ease and efficiency, including paperless systems and instant notifications. The programme combines modern elements to allow you to control your daily defects checks and electronically store all your fleet information. Using VDD Solutions, operators will receive instant notifications on any defect on their fleet. Fee trials and video tutorials are available for easy set-up.

For more information: +44(0) 114 360 5666 or http://vdd.solutions