Reduction in HGV levy for cleaner vehicles marks ‘step in the right direction’, says Natural Gas Vehicle Network

Last week, the Government announced a 10% reduction to the rates paid by hauliers of less polluting lorries, to encourage the take up of lower emitting vehicles, such as those that use natural gas as fuel.

From February 2019, lorries that meet the latest Euro VI emissions standards will be eligible for a 10% reduction to the Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) levy.

The Natural Gas Vehicle network (NGVN) has stated that it welcomes the introduction of a discount to the HGV levy, but recognises that whilst it marks a step in the right direction, more ambitious and meaningful steps are required to significantly reduce air pollution.

Greater decarbonisation of the UK’s HGV fleet would serve as an ‘easy win’ for a Government embroiled in legal battles over its poor record on air quality, according to the NGVN. HGVs constitute only 5% of vehicle miles travelled and make up just 2% of vehicles on the road, yet emit 21% of total transport-derived NOX and 16% of transport greenhouse gas emissions; clearly cleaning up HGVs should be a political priority.

Mike Foster, CEO of the Natural Gas Vehicle Network, said: “We welcome the announcement of the levy reduction for hauliers who make low or zero carbon choices. If hauliers choose to use gas vehicles then the fuel duty differential makes a gas Euro VI HGV even more beneficial. Gas HGVs have been proven to reduce NO2 emissions by an impressive 74% over a variety of cycles, total NOX emissions by 41% and particulate emissions by 96% when compared with their diesel Euro VI HGV counterparts.”

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