With OSRAM’s new compact 24V replacement bulb kits, bus and truck drivers will always have the right replacement bulb with them.

OSRAM has developed a specially designed box of replacement bulbs for all vehicle lighting applications that many would agree is worth its weight in gold. OSRAMWith the new 24V replacement bulb kit, OSRAM now ensures truck and bus drivers always have a second set of the six most important vehicle bulbs readily available.

These new replacements kits from OSRAM not only provide peace of mind, but also lead to significant time and cost savings. In countries where driving with faulty lighting can lead to hefty fines, there are also money savings to be gained. When driving abroad this kit is an essential accessory as in certain countries carrying replacement bulbs is mandatory.

Each 24V kit contains two H4, H7 or H7 TRUCKSTAR replacement headlight bulbs, amber indicators, braking / reversing light, rear and number plate lights, side lights and also bulbs for parking and marker lights. Three blade fuses complete the package. The compact box can be stowed without taking up any space and therefore makes it the ideal travel companion.

One of the three replacement bulb kit types, the H7 TRUCKSTAR gives drivers even better performance. The H7 bulbs included for the dipped beam application have up to twice the operating life compared with standard H7 24V bulbs. The TRUCKSTAR range also sheds up to 100% more light on the road and therefore improving safety. With these performance figures and their superior robustness and low fault susceptibility, OSRAM TRUCKSTAR can help to reduce the down time of a vehicle for time consuming bulb replacements. Not only that, they reduce the need for frequent bulb replacements.

With its more concentrated and consistent light, TRUCKSTAR illuminates the road more effectively. Its patented single coil technology provides a far better illumination, especially in the important 50 to 100 metre range in front of the vehicle with a light beam that is up to 40 metres longer on the road ahead. This means drivers can identify hazards at long distances quicker increasing the time in which to react to avoid a potential hazard. In addition, a better-lit road makes for a more leisurely and fatigue-free drive, which lowers the risk of accidents at night.