The Road Haulage Association welcomes the Department for Transport’s further relaxation of lorry drivers’ hours in Scotland.

Phil Flanders
Phil Flanders

“We had been pressing for a further general relaxation and the additional four days, from December 11-15, is an appropriate and proportional response from the Department for Transport,” said RHA Director for Scotland Phil Flanders. “Our thanks go to the Scottish Government for their support in seeking this relaxation, which will give the haulage community some help in recovering from the severe disruption over the past two weeks.

“Clearly, there are issues to be addressed in terms of keeping the roads gritted and clear; and on how trucks can best be avoid getting stuck, which is an issue we are taking forward with our members in Scotland and also elsewhere in the UK. There will be lessons to be learnt all round.

”In the meantime, this relaxation gives Scotland’s hauliers and their drivers who have been affected by the disruptions the opportunity to do what they sensibly can to get over the immediate problems.”
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